Buying from us is easy, the first step in buying is to read and understand our terms and conditions. Once you have understood the terms and conditions you can register to bid by filling in the appropriate fields that are required. Once that has been completed, you will receive via email a bidder number along with the password you have selected.

Ready to bid? Place a bid on that item; use the optional "your maximum" field to place an undisclosed amount that you are willing to pay for that item. Once you have placed your bid, enter your bidder number and password and hit enter. The system will then ask you again to confirm that bid, once confirmed, you have placed that bid.

You want to preview the item? Most of the time, We provide a preview on the items for auction on a scheduled date and time which will be in the auction details.

You won an item! Now what? You will receive an invoice via email to your email account; this invoice will include what you have won and the total amount that you owe.

How do I get my items? Come pick up your item or items at our location during the published date and time. You can also opt to have it shipped to you, there are shipping fees that apply, see terms and conditions of that auction.

What are the methods of payment? We accept Cash, Check with proper ID and Visa / MasterCard and Discover.

By registering as a bidder, you will automatically get a notification via email of upcoming auctions.