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Category: PHOTOGRAPHY (8 records) Archive: CLOSED - Another Great Selection of Antiques, Collectibles and Decor. Check it Out! Ends Thurs. March 12th 9PM - March 12th 9PM

Item Description Price
20Vintage 7" x 9" framed and matted original photo of the Farm Journal building. The back of the photo is identified as 'Washington Square Front-The Farm Journal Building"
Size : 7" x 9"
Condition: Very Good
21Vintage 1920's framed and matted original photograph of The Farm Journal Washington Square Philadelphia delivery truck parked in front of The Farm Journal Building. A nice, crystal clear sharp photo.
Size : 9" x 11" frame
Condition: Excellent
32Ten vintage late 19th Century real photo negative glass plates. Some of the slide titles include: Mansion House, Itchen Stoke Road, Cooling Inn, Rother Street Old House
Size : 3" x 3"
Condition: Very Good
33Vintage early 20th Century framed photograph identified on the back "Suspension Bridge across Muskingum River at dresden, Ohio designed by George Copeland and built by George W. Adams. Destroyed in Flood.
Size : 17" x 14" x 2"
Condition: Excellent
65Vintage pre-Civil War era miniature Daguerreotype in it's original case with very rare advertising paper. The paper reads A.P. Critchlow & Co manufacturers of Daguerreotype Cases. The photo is in fair condition, but the case an advert are in excellent condition.
Size : 2" x 2" x 1"
Condition: Good
71Lot of twelve late 19th century real photo actor & actresses cigarette cards. One card is from Admiral Cigarettes, and eight are marked on the back Sweet Corporal Cigarette, and three are blank backed.
Size : 1-1/2" x 2-1/2"
Condition: Good
1411880's Cabinet studio photo of a well dressed young man holding a violin & bow. The cabinet is marked Benjamin 156 W 4th St. Cincinnati. The photo has a crystal clear photo.
Size : Standard
Condition: Excellent+
142Three vintage 1880's elongated cabinet photo cards from Hagelstein Bros. 142 Bowery, N.Y. The photos of the man and woman with the rustic wooden fence props are most likely a married couple.
Size : 8" x 4"
Condition: Excellent