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Archive: CLOSED - Quality Art, Antiquarian and Collectible Books, Ephemera and Sports Ends Feb. 26th 9PM
Conducted: February 26th 9:00PM
Location: 1500 Magnolia Drive, Cincinnati OH 45215
Highlights: Great selection of Contemporary and Vintage Original Artwork with many noted artist including Ursula Brenner, Renee Harris, Gérard Courbouleix–Dénériaz, also known as Razzia, Zhang Wen Xin, Nita Engle, Nelle Ferrara, Ellen Gunn, Peggy Brown, Doug Oliver, Dan Goad, and many others.. Book for the Art Collector MUST HAVE American Art Analog, Volumes 1,2,3. Chelsea House Publishers, NY, 1986.

Military Books including Military including: 1870 Orders, Regulations for the Administration of Law and Justice in the US Navy, WW1 Americans All The Rainbow at War 42nd US Infantry Division.

Books: The Fast Mail (great cover art). The Airship Boys due North, 1943 Dead on the Track, 1936 Saint Joan of Arc, A Nickel and a Prayer, Signed by Jane Edna Hunter, 1945 The Devil in the Bush, Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson, The Sleeping Sphinx, by John Dickson, Miracle on 34th Street, by Valentine Davis. 1947 First Edition, The Alamo , by John Myers Myers, Texas Edition,, "Namesakes" series. Here is a very nice copy of NAMESAKES 1930-1955, The Joy Peddler, by A H Shoenfeld, Penuel Press, 1933., Chewsday A Sex Novel by Dan Greenburg, 1968, Lot of (8) leather bound 1880 vintage editions of A Popular History of France, 1961 ON THERMONUCLEAR WAR, The Circus Kings by Henry Ringling North, and more...

Paper Ephemera and Sports : Antique Cincinnati and Area Postcards, Autographed Sports Cards Howie Judson, Harry Perkowski and more. Ohio State University Football and Basketball Programs, Lots of Antique Ephemera from the 1850's on, including letters, publications (baseball) and more...

10% Buyers Premium,

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Categories: ALL ITEMS (203) - ARTWORK (74) - BOOKS (73) - COLLECTIBLE (1) - EPHEMERA (20) - POSTCARDS (17) - SPACE (2) - SPORTS (16)

Auction Ends Thursday February 26th 9Pm (5 item per minute)

Auction Preview: Weds February 25th 3-5PM

Auction Pickup Friday February 27th 3:00 to 7:00 PM

Location of Preview & Pickup : 1500 Magnolia Drive, Cincinnati OH 45215