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COMING SOON - Daycare Center Liquidation
3357 Springdale Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45251
Highlights: This is a bank ordered asset liquidation.

We are accepting offers on entire contents of daycare center while we catalog and photograph everything for the upcoming auction. All offers will be considered until the auction is ready to go live online. If an acceptable offer is not received by that time everything will be sold at NO RESERVE to the highest bidder with a starting bid of $1.00.

To submit an offer on ENTIRE CONTENTS please contact Troy Lee Harris at 513-237-7027 to schedule a showing.

Registered bidders will be notified by email when the auction starts.

If not already registered simply click the Register to Bid button above, submit the required information and your bidder number will be emailed to you.

Categories: Catalog - VIEW ITEMS AND BID (151) - PHOTOS ONLY (83) - No category (68) - ARTS CRAFTS (3) - BOOKS (4) - DECOR (13) - EDUCATIONAL (4) - ELECTRONICS (4) - FURNITURE (32) - OFFICE (1) - ORGANIZATION (3) - PLAY FURNITURE (12) - TOYS (7)

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 photo 51EE191E-E139-447C-B57D-FDB805D922C6.jpeg

 photo 005FA354-34C1-4287-96E9-99DEA9D496AE.jpeg

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 photo BDA734A1-8D40-4EE3-8B85-70063A4333FC.jpeg

 photo F59F7FCC-C402-40D5-ABD3-2D1E646298AE.jpeg

 photo 005FA354-34C1-4287-96E9-99DEA9D496AE.jpeg

Contact: The Auction Floor
2611 Kemper Lane
Cincinnati OH 45206
Phone: 513-237-7027