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The Auction Floor

Item Description
1.Pair of really great mid century lounge chairs. These are tufted pink mid century lounge chairs. Fresh out of an estate.
2.Pair of Designer Kem Weber Chairs, Great Art Deco Style, Important Mid Century Designer. Photos coming Soon.
3.Great Mid Century Herman Miller Upholstered Eames MCM Shell Chair
12.WW2 Helmet M35 (we think as we could not identify by any markings) with an assortment of photographs and postcards.
13.Large Vintage Chinese Charger, with markings on the backside and elaborate design on the front side. Marked on the back, Hand Painted Satsuma
14.1924 Indian Arrow Root Medicine Bottle with Original Indian Illustrated Paper Label. Manufactured C W Harrison, Columbus OH. $1.00
15.Vintage "Falcon" Toys that last, Chalk Board with great fun circus like illustrations at the top.
16.Grouping of Gun and Artillery / Hunting Related items inccluding, Malcolm Rifle Telescopes and Mountings Pamphlet, Winchester Catalog, Super C The Long Range Load, Book, Where to Hunt American Game, US Cartridge Co. Collection of Firearms Book, Shell Certainty Pamphlet, Six Gun Cartridge and Loads Book. Repro Sign.
17.De Luxe Edition Norman Rockwell Album Book with Slipcase.
18.Hard Cover Book entitled Russian Nihilism, Exile Life in Siberia, 1883, illustrated with over 200 engravings.
19.Hard Cover Book entitled Spencerian Key to Practical Penmanship, Platt R Spencer, 1878, Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor and Co.
20.Book, The Art of Marine Panting in Oil Colours, with illustrations, J W Carmichael, Winsor & Newton Limited, London England,
21.Pair of Soft Cover Books, Getting Your Two Cents Worth by Kevin Flynn and The Sheild Five Cent Series - A comprehensive listing of known varieties.
22.Large Lot of (45) Magic Lantern Antique Glass Slides, Variety of Subject Matter and Portraits.
23.Magic Lantern Glass Slide, - Samuel Francis Smith (October 21, 1808 – November 16, 1895) was an American Baptist minister, journalist, and author. He is best known for having written the lyrics to "My Country, 'Tis of Thee", which he entitled "America".
24.Vintage Glass Ball Jar of Colorful Vintage and Antique Marbles,
25.Antique Brass Railroad Lantern. Marked on the top, I believe it is from 1919.
26.Pair of Mid Century, "Sexton" New Old Stock Colonial Military Wall Hanging Pieces with Original Box, These are about 19" long each, each one is marked on the backs.
27.Grouping of Egyptian Vintage Souvenir Soap Stone Items, Hippo and Ancient Shell Cratures, these are Handcrafted with original boxes.
28.Nice Group of Antique Vaseline Containers, Various Sizes
29.Pair of Antique Dr. Kinsmans Asthmatic Powder, to receive the distress of Asthmatic …..
30.Vintage Mobil Handy Oil, Marcas Registrants USA.
31.Vintage Pack, (NOS) Sheaffer Medium Pens, Still in plastic wrapping. Aditionally, you have an antique Pen Case.
32.Unique Antique Mens Shaving Cup and Brush. Yellow Ware Pottery, Very Unusual.
33.Vintage Train Pennsylvania Car and two props for a train set up, Made by Lionel.
34.Vintage Westclox Big Ben Alram Clock. Great Vintage Decorative Clock, It works.
35.Vintage Toy Gun with Original Box. It is 8" long and in great condition, made of Metal
36.Vintage "The Time Tellers Foot Ball Timer, Silver Plated Case. Stop Watch.
37.Large Lot of Antique Stereoviews, Various Subject Matters, Come to the preview to see them all, some handcolored.
38.Large lot of carte-de-visite photographs, some cabinet cards, many of the with the name of the maker on the back sides.
39.Lot of (6) Antique Locks, Champion 6-Lever, Others as well, two keys. Neat Assortment of Locks.
40.Antique Good Year Tire Gauge with Original Cloth Case.
41.Lot of (4) Vintage Automotive Books, including antique 1941 The Baltimore Automotive Show, National Defense Exhibit, Henry's Wonderful Model T Book, Reprint Ford Motor Cars Pamphlet and Ford Model T Manufacturing Price List, Reprint.
42.Pair of Mid Century TWA Travel Packets, lots of cool travel ephemera. Two packets, one bid.
43.Lot of Smithsonite, Kelly New Mexico. Each with their own boxes, great eBay stuff.
44.Vintage Wood Carving Set, Several Knives, Pouch in great condition. Many marked Woodcraft.
45.Vintage Tommahawk Axe with Wood Handle, Very Sharp. 13" long
46.Automotive Ford Motor Cars Only, Fiolene Motor Oil / Purol Gasoline
47.Original Civil War .69 Caliber Buck and Ball with Case, found along James River in Virginia and reproduction enfield bullet in package.
48.Vintage Which Lane Chicane Race Set, Gilbert American Flyer, Auto Rama. Original Box and Track and Cars
49.Vintage WAAC Recruiter Arm Band, Rare to See. 15" long.
50.Antique Keota Indian Territory Trade Tokens , Silas Bass Shapero Col. And two books on tokens, Patriotic Civil War Tokens and A Guide to Civil War Store Card Tokens.
51.Antique Tin, Keystone Amonia Carbonate, 5lbs Lump, Detroit Michigan, Great Tin, 3-3/4" high x 7" x 7"
52.Antique Cast Iron Safe, In very good condition.
53.Cast Iron Bank, Not sure of its age, looks good in quality.
54.Lot of Decorative Dishes and Cup, 1937 Coronation Dish, George VI King Emperor Cup and Red Transferware
55.Lot of Blue and White Delft Dishes, Service Items etc…
56.Vintage Sealtest Advertising Christmas, paper Banner with Jolly Old St Nick, Santa Claus and the Reindeer, "Merry Christmas to all, From your Sealtest Dealer.
57.Fantastic Lot of Vintage Christmas Ornaments, Tree Topper with Original Boxes
58.You need lights for your vintage tree and ornaments, Aurora, Pennant and Paramount Lights. With the lights and boxes.
59.Vintage Pink, Glass Fan Shape, Great Condition with no flaws. 9" tall
60.Lot of (3) Antique Books, all in beautiful condition. Volume 2, Beacon Lights of History, Fords, Howard and Hulbert 1886. Vol IV, and Vol III.
61.pair of cute Folk Drawings Paintings, Dutch Scenes, Both Framed, Could be framed a little better. Both Signed.
62.Antique Engraving of General Grant , framed behind glass and framed in old wood period frame.
63.Pair of Wallace Nutting Furniture Treasury Hardcover Books, Volume 1 & 2. 1948, The Mamillan Company, NY. Very Collectible Set.
64.Grays New Lessons in Botany and Vegtable Physiology, 1876, Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor & Co. NY and Chicago.
65.1887, Ladies Manual of Art, Profit and Pastime, Painting and Drawing, Sold by Subscription Only. Neat Book.
66.Collectible Sign Painting Book, "Atkinson Sign Painting" by Frank Atkinson, publishers Fredrick J Drake & Company. Chicago.
67.Rare- Official WABC Beatles Fan Club , "Welcome to America: from the All Americans of WABC 77.
68.Vintage Bowling Pass.
69.Lot of Vintage and Antique Postcards, Many Holiday and Novelty Cards, In great condition.
70.Lot of (4) Fine Silver 1 Gram Michael Craig .999 Cufflinks, Old New Stock.
71.Lot of (13) Old New Stock Money Clips, Some Silver and Gold filled clips.
72.Lot of (10) Old New Stock Key Rings, 14K GF Simmons, 1873, more….
73.New Old Stock, Zales 60 Years Diamond Anniversary Business Card Holder Case
74.Misc Lot of Old New Stock Jewelry, Cufflinks, Necklace, Tie Clip and More….
75.Antique Silverplate Caddy with Glass Cruets and Salt, missing the pepper.
76.Mid Century Chrome Caddy with (8) Mid Century Glasses. Great Condition
77.Vintage Bundy Trumpet, with Mouthpiece and Case. Nice Condition.
78.Lot of Various vintage plastic models, parts lot. Various Sizes and Scales.
79.Lot of Various vintage plastic models, parts lot. Various Sizes and Scales.
80.Lot of Various vintage plastic models, parts lot. Various Sizes and Scales.
81.Lot of various items, looks like a tribal item, some square head nails, brooch and two wooden indian head tokens.
82.Vintage Holloweeen Decorative Cardboard Cutouts, These are great Vintage or Antique Holloween Collectible items. Approx. 10" high
83.Lot of Three Antique Photographs, (2) Military Photographs and (1) Horse with a Very Large Tree on the wagon.
84.Vintage Still Unopened Revell Focke-Wulf Fw I90 Model, 1:48 Scale. 2000.
85.Vintage Sweing Box and Contents, Several Vintage Sewing Items in this large lot. Great Looking Mid Century Case as well.
86.Lot of Vintage Glass, No Cracks or Chips, Just a nice selection of vintage glass.
87.Vintage Lot of Glass, Blue Milk Glass, Carnival Glass Bowls, Antique Medicine Bottle. All in great condition
88.Large Antique Glass Horlicks Malted Milk Container. No Lid.
89.Lot of (4) Deep Brown Colored Bottles, Antique, Great looking group. Blop Top , Antique , Tallest is 11" high
90.Lot of Art Glass, I believe the Red to be Fenton, The Green and Others, I am not sure. They are in exc condition.
91.Vintage Civil Defense Communications Facilities, Metal Sign, Warning Sign, 12" wide
92.Antique / Vintage Fishing Tackle Box with all sort of lures, hooks, fishing gear. Everything you need. And a great fishing tackle box.
93.Antique Hurricane Oil Lamp with Hurrican Shade.
94.Junk Drawer Lot, Large grouping / variety of antique items, glasses, pocket knives, clips, cases, jewelry, camera lense, frame and more…
95.Lot of (13) Fun Character Glasses, Woody Wood Pecker, Snoopy, Bear, 1970's
96.Lot of (6) Antique Science Books, including Annual Scientific Discovery, 1852, Science of Common Things, 1874, Descriptive Astronomy, 1873, McGuffey's Sixth Eclectic Reader, Natural Philosophy, 1875,
97.Lot of (6) Antique Books, included are German Books, 1891, The Maine Woods, Greek Revolution, Maria Theresa, 1897, Archaeoligical and Historical Publications, Volume 1, Miniature Book.
98.Antique Book, entitled, A History of Middle Ages, 1850, Published by William Hall for J & H Miller.
99.Pair of Antique Books, titled History of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, 1844, Volume 1 and Volume 2, Published in Cincinnati, 1843 and 1844.
100.Pair of Antique Books, titled in German dated 1841 and 1842. Pre Civil War
101.Lot of (3) Great Looking Antique Books, The History of the World, 1809, In three Volumes. Volume 1, 2 and 3
102.Lot of (10) Volumes, Shakespeare's Works, 1820's Publsihed by Collins and Hannay, No. 230 Pearl Street.
103.Antique Book, entitled The Method of Instructing Children Rationally, The Art of Writing and Reading, Published 1813, The long lost secret to the world, finally found….
104.Antique Book entitled View of Ancient Geography and Ancient History. Two Volumes in One. Published in 1813.
105.Pair of Antique Books, including Library of Select Novels published in 1844 and Marshalls The Life of George Washington, publsihed in 1832.
106.Large Lot of Civil War Era Paper Book Pamphlets, Annual Statements of Town of Newberry, Mass, Georgtown Mass, and More. Large lot of interesting reports.
107.Lot of Antique Books, Antique Bible, Joseph II, 1897, The Peasants War in Germany with Maps, etc..
108.Lot of (5) Books, including Pastors & Parishioners in Wurttemberg, War State and Society in Wurttemberg, in search of Dracula, Atlas of Medieval Europe, The Oxford Illustrated history of Medieval Europe.
109.Lot of (3) Books, including Eyewitness to the Civil War, The Odrysian Kingdom of Thrace and Chinese Export Porcelain.
110.Lot of (4) Books, After the Black Death, The Great Famine, Money in Sixteenth Century Florence, The reformation and Rural Society.
111.Lot of (5) Books, including Barbarossa in Italy, Phantoms of Remembrance, German History 1770-1866, Bruegel, the Baden Emigration Book.
112.Lot of (5) books, including The Military Revolution in Sixteenth Century Europe, Count and Bishop in Medieval Germany, Land and Lordship, Wagon Chariot, and European Arms and Armor.
113.Lot of ( 7) books, including The End of Antiquity, The Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt, The Cosmos of Khnumhotep II, Glyph-Breaker, Hatchepsut, the female pharoh. Who's Who in Egyptian Mythology. Egypt, People-Gods-Pharohs
114.Lot of (13) Vintage Military Softvover Books, Covering Several Periods and Events
115.Lot of (11) 1960's Military Paperback Books, publshed by Aero Publishers in the 1960's
116.Lot of (4) Military Strategic Games, Battle of the Bulge, 1914, Guadalcanal, and The Russian Campaign.
117.Large Format Book, Hanghaus 1 in Ephesos, with Maps,
118.Lot of (3) Antique Books, German Text, These have all been rebound and in excellent condition.
119.Brand New Set of Two Volumes, Barrington Atlas of The Greek and Roman World, map by Map Directory, 1 and 2, Published by Princeton.
120.The Making of Modern Man, by Louis L Snyder, Copyright 1967, in excellent condition.
121.Antique Book, Stories of Travel, Persons and Things, Great illustrations.
122.Lot of (5) Vintage . Antique Novels, Mark Twain, Seven Years in Tibet, Spring on an Artic Island, Lost Treatures in Austrailia & New Zealand.
123.Lot of (3) Books, Latin and the Romans, Third Year Latin…
124.Pair of Two Books, Softcovers, Die Herren and Grafen von Falkenstein
125.Kentucky Rifles & Pistols, 1750-1850, Hardcover book, lllustrative Book, 1976. Kentucky Rifle Association
126.Lot of (5) Books, From Joseph II to the Jacobin Trials, AD 1000, Living on the Brink of Apocalypse, The Last Apocalypse, French Revolution, State Corporatism and Proto Industry.
127.Lot of (5) Books, Siege Warfare, European Warfare, The Crimean War, The Anglo-Zulu War and The Habsburgs
128.Lot of (4) Books, including Gustavus Adolphus, A History of The Habsburg Empire, Medieval England, and Vikings,
129.Lot of Pottry, Roseville, RRP , USA, Fiesta Ware….
130.Vintage lot of several beer steins, Ohio State, Budweiser, Strohs, Octoberfest, and more. All in great condition.
131.Another lot of vintage Beer Steins, Heinekin, Daytona Beach, Budweiser, Ohio State, Octoberfest and more.
132.Variety lot of items, Franklin Mint Solid Bronze Collectors Set of Presidential Coins, Large lot of playing cards and silverplate bowl.
133.Lot of (6) Books, German Dictionary, Iron Kingdom, Medieval World and more.
134.Cincinnati : The Queen City, Bicentennial Edition, Hard Cover Collectible Book. With Dust Jacket
135.Large Coffee Book Style Book, The National Museum, of American History. Highly Illustratve Book with several colorful pictures.
136.Lot of (6) Books, mostly new in plastic, The Grey Fox, Settlers Children, Without Quarter, Voyages of the Steamboat Yellow Stone, The Fur Trade on the Upper Missouri 1840-1865, cattle Trailing Industry, Matt Field on the Santa Fe Trail.
137.Lot of (2) Books, Atlas of Antebellum Southern Agriculture and The Living Past of America.
138.Lot of (3) Books, The Artillery of the Dukes of Burgundy, Maya Ruins in Central American in Color, Chronicals of the Age of Chivalry.
139.Solid State Iron Horse Train Radio with Box. Never Used.
140.Pair of Historical Reference Books including Harpers Magazine Vol. 165 June -November 1932 and Historical Collections of Ohio, 1902.
141.Large Assortment of Stainless Steel Silverware, Onieda Deluxe Stainless. Some in Original Boxes.
142.Lot of Assorted Shale, Various examples, note describing the samples in the lot. Blaylock Trace Fossils in Sericitized Shale
143.Large amount of fossils and rocks, each one is identified with the contents in the bags. Chickasaw Creek, Prarie Mountain, etc… on and on…
144.Large Lot or Stack of Vintage 45's. Paul Mcartney and more….
145.Second Stack of Vintage 45's Various Artists.
146.Large Lot of Vintage Political Pin Backs, Various Politicians, and Various Sizes.
147.Set of (19) Time Life Books, Published in 1978. You are getting the whole box. War Related
148.Variety Lot, 1970;s Motorcycle Trophy, Pen and Stand, Thimble,
149.Lot of Decorative Items including Bell, Brush, Mirror and Comb, Pitcher.
150.Pair of Decorative Framed Pictures.
151.Large Lot of Onieda Silverware. In Boxes and ready for the dinner table.
152.Lot of (6) Vintage or Antique Yard Sticks. Great Advertising.
153.Lot of two Display Cases and One Album (empty) The cases are 20" long
154.Lot of (7) smaller display cases. 17" long for the larger ones.
155.Large Indian Blanket, Has one hole. Size is approx 6 feet x 4 feet
156.Lot of (3) Books, Terror in the Balkans, Militart History, Forgotton Battlefronts of the 1st World War.
157.Pair of Books, The Maya and The Mysterious Maya.
158.Lot of Coin Reference Books, including Longacre's Two Cent Piece, The Dutch Gold Ducat, The Royal Mint, de nederlandse, A Dictionary of Roman Coins, The Silver Ducat.
159.Lot of (3) Books, including Shanghai, Napoleon Berlin, Gladiators at Pompeii,
160.Lot of (5) Icons, Panteon Egyptien, Life of Ancient Egyptians, The Tomb of Nakut, Splendors of Ancient Egypt, JF Champollion. Icons - The Fascination and the Reality.
161.Lot of (5) Books, including Waepons and Warfare, Sir Gardner Wilkinson and his circle, Napoleon The Last Phase, A Distant Mirror, Votive Offereings to Hathor.
162.Pair of Books, on Calligraphy. Softcover books.
163.Lot of (6) Books, including The 3 cent Stamp of the United States 1851-1857 Issue, Paper Money of the United States, The collection of the american numerismatic society. United States Copper Cents, The Animal World of Pharohs.
164.Lot of (6) books, including The Etruscans, Imhotep, The Knossos Labyrinth, A Glossary of Ancient Nautical Titles and Terms, Egypt in Late Antiquity, The Excavations at Esna.
165.Lot of (6) Books including Tacitus The Annals of Imperial Rome, Ancient Astrology, Ancient Natural History, Septimius Severus, Atlantis Destroyed, palace of Gold and Light.
166.Lot of (4) Books including The Valois, Zachary Taylor, Uniforms of the Seven Years War and A Tratise of The Rifle, Musket, Pistol and Fowling Piece, 1846.
167.Lot of (6) books, The Story of the paratroops, Italy's Sorrow, 100 Best True Stories World War 11, The last 100 days. Orders decorations Medals and Badges. The Order of the Deaths Head.
168.Lot of (3) Dictionaries, German and English Dictionaries.
169.Lot of (4) Books, titled, Coercion & market, The American Locomotive, The Overland Mail, The Fires of Faith,
170.Lot of (4) Books, including Gustavus Adolphus, A History of The Habsburg Empire, Medieval England, and Vikings, Rome and The Black Sea Region, The Rape of the Nile, In the footsteps of Alexander the great, Tutankhamun.
171.Lot of (4) artbooks, including Home and the World, The Mirror of the Artist, The Chronical of Impressionism, Lautrec.
172.Large Lot of DVD's Several different movies.
173.Pair of Large Coffee Books, Including Prince Valiant and Currier and Ives.
174.Pair of Books, New Orleans Related, End of an Era 1850-1860 and New Orleans as it was. Episodes of Louisina Life.
175.Lot of (4) Books, including Wymans Gardening Encyclopedia, Sweet Inspirations, Honey Bee and At The Edge of Time.
176.Lot of (9) Geology Related Books, Various Titles.
177.Stamp Book, Bulgaria, Various Stamps spread out throughout the book.
178.Naval Photoalbum, Pictures and Documents from a Veteran.
179.Lot of (3) Books, including The Wild Colorado, Prarie Visions, Before Barbed Wire.
180.A History of The Hudson's Bay Company. 1938 edition. Hard Cover.
181.Historical Book, Trial of John H Surratt, 1867, B. Sutton , Washington City DC. In the murder of President Licoln.
182.Lot of (4) books including The Biography of a River Town, The Ideology of Slavery, The Growth of Southern Nationalalism 1848-1861 and 1819 - 1848.
183.Lot of (4) Books, including Conquest, Cairo, The Tomb of Agamemnon and The Rosetta Stone.
184.Lot of (4) Books including Late Antiquity, Trier, Der Fidestempel, Cypriote Antiquities.
185.Lot of (3) Books including The Age of Napoleon, The Medieval Traveller and A History of the United States.
186.Book entitled Chillicothe Ohio 1796-1996. Published by Ross County Historical Society.
187.Pair of Military History Books, The Great War 1914-1919 and The Struggle for Supremacy in Germany 1859-1866.
188.Lot of (3) Books including The Day of Battle, Anzio 1944 and Waffen SS Kursj 1943.
189.Pair of Books, The Outdoor Life Bear Book and Kings of Cocaine.
190.Lot of (6) books including several old and antique books in bad condition.
191.Darwins The Orgin of Species, by means of Natural Selection. A L burt Publisher.
192.Lot of (6) Mark Twain Volumes, Classics, Harper & Brothers NY.
193.Lot of (4) Antique Books including History Alexander the Great, 1854, History of the World, Goodrich Pictirial History. Arabian Nights, and another books.
194.Pair of Antique Fiction Books, The Trail of the Lonsome Pine and The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come.
195.Lot of (3) Books, including Siege Castles at war, The Book of the Medieval Kinght, The Plantagenet Chronicals.
196.Lot of (6) Books, Variety of Books, including Books on American Presidents, Antiques and more..
197.Lot of (4) books including The Kingdom of the Hitties, German Knighthood, Hellenism and Empire, Francisco and his brothers.
198.Lot of (3) Misc Books including Mysteries of the Past, All About the Ice Age and Forage and Pasture Crops.
199.Lot of (3) Books including Kufstein, The Atlas of the Crusades, Digging for the past.
200.Lot of (3) Books including Zecca, Communities and Warfare, Nobles, Knights and Men at Arms in The Middle Ages.
201.Lot of (2) Books inclduing Chaucer, and The Last Duel.
202.Lot of (5) Antique Books including Ready Reader, The Second Book of History, Gregg Shorthad,
203.Lot of Misc Books and Catalogs. Fastenal, Craftsman. Etc…
204.Lot of (6) Antique Volumes of "The Works of Charles Dickens" Published by P F Collier. Illustrated.
205.Lot of (2) Books, National Geographic Atlas of the Middle East and The Travels and Journal of Ambrosio Bembo.
206.Lot of (3) Books, The Archimedes Codex, Fiefs and Vassals, Civilisation by Kenneth Clark
207.Lot of (3) Books including Lorraine Gothique, Crusader Castles in the Holy Land, Rainbow Like an Emerald.
208.Lot of (4) Books, Including A History of South Africa, Aagaard's Africa and North Africa and South and Central Africa.
209.Lot of (4) Approaches to Greek Myth. Apollodorus of Damascus and Trajan's Column. Claudius. In quest of the Lost Legion.
210.Lot of (3) Books including The American West, Billy the Kid and The West of Billy The Kid.
211.Pair of Antique Books, including Waverley Novels, Antique , Illustrated
212.1740 Antique Bible, German Text. The Pages are absolutely beautifully written.
213.Lot of (6) Novels, incluidng Luke Short, The Feud at Single Shot, Three Years among the Comanches, The Comanches, Border Music, The Broker, 5th Horseman.
214.Lot of (5) Vintage Astronomy Books.
215.Lot of (9) Vintage Astronomy Books.
216.Lot of (7) Vintage Geoleogy and Minerals. Earth History.
217.Lot of (7) Vintage Geography and Petrology, Geology.
218.Lot of (22) Vintage 1950's Zane Grey Books, Volumes. In Good Condition.
219.Large Group of Mercury Dimes (87) 1916 -1949 Mercury Dimes, Silver with US mint album and Certificate of Authenticity.
220.Large Mural Expressionist Surrealist Painting on Canvas, Not Signed, 1980's some damage, come to preview if interested. Approx 7' x 6'
221.Large Mural Expressionist Surrealist Painting on Canvas, Not Signed, 1980's some damage, come to preview if interested. Approx 7' x 6'
222.Large Mural Expressionist Surrealist Painting on Canvas, Not Signed, 1980's some damage, come to preview if interested. Approx 7' x 6'
223.Large Mural Expressionist Surrealist Painting on Canvas, Not Signed, 1980's some damage, come to preview if interested. Approx 7' x 6'
224.Large Mural Expressionist Surrealist Painting on Canvas, Not Signed, 1980's some damage, come to preview if interested. Approx 7' x 6'
225.Large Mural Expressionist Surrealist Painting on Canvas, Not Signed, 1980's some damage, come to preview if interested. Approx 7' x 6'
226.Large Mural Expressionist Surrealist Painting on Canvas, Not Signed, 1980's some damage, come to preview if interested. Approx 7' x 6'
227.Large Mural Expressionist Surrealist Painting on Canvas, Not Signed, 1980's some damage, come to preview if interested. Approx 7' x 6'
228.Large Mural Expressionist Surrealist Painting on Canvas, Not Signed, 1980's some damage, come to preview if interested. Approx 7' x 6'
229.Four Vintage 1960’s corvette hub caps. Collector Pieces for the Corvette Lovers
230.One 1920’s-30’s heavy gauge metal with rivets garbage can(30”tall) with lid.
231.One 1920’s-30’s heavy gauge metal with rivets garbage can(30”tall) with lid.
232.One 1920’s-30’s heavy gauge metal with rivets garbage can(30”tall) with lid.