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The Auction Floor
CLOSED - Vintage and Antique Decorative Online Only Auction Ends April 19th 9PM - April 19th 9PM EST

Item Description
1.Vintage Mid Century Crams Universal Terrestrial globe 10 1/2 "
2.Lot of 2 1970's Era Vintage 12" Globes (1) Universal (1) Crams
3.Lot of 2 Antique Bowling Pins 15"h
4.Vintage J Chein&CO Tin Lithographed pull behind rolling doll chair 23" long
5.Vintage Pioneer PL-510A Stereo turntable.
6.Scott AM FM Stereo Reciever Model R336
7.Zenith Radio Wavemagnet with Tubes. Cool Carrying Case - 1950's
8.Zenith AM FM Radio Model S-52224 15"w x 9"h
9.OPA-Scope Projector Model 20005 24"h x 13W x 20"D
10.Victor Soundview Projector Model PHD-65
11.Antique Oil Lamp with hand painted glass shade (repaired) 33"tall
12.Vintage National Cash Register 13"w x 15"d x 18"h
13.Antique Foot Stool 18"w x 13"d x 9"tall
14.Vintage Dietz Junior Oil Lantern 12" tall
15.Antique Wooden Candle Mold 22"l x 5 1/2"w
16.3 Sets of The American Mineralogist Journal of the Mineralogical Society of America 1976, 1978 and 1980
17.Set of Hand Painted Jamaican Dishes
18.16 pc Set of Corelle by Corning Blue Floral Pattern
19.Antique Glass Street Lamp Globe with Flying Pig Finial 30"h
20.Hand Crafted Johnny Cash Clocks, These both are to hang on the wall.
21.Antique Walnut Picture Frame holds 8" x 10" picture
22.Set of 3 Decorative Prints 6 1/2 x 7 1/2", 5x7", 4x4"
23.Lot of 3 Decorative Prints Largest measures 14 1/2" x 17"
24.Lot of 2 Decorative Prints Largest measures 17" x11"
25.Original Painting signed by artist 10" x 8"
26.Religious Themed Chalkware Table Lamp 15" h
27.Large Lot of Various Silver Plate
28.Native American Throw Rug 37" x 24"
29.Native American Throw Rug 50" x 30"
30.Decorative Tribal Mask 13"
31.Three Stooges Phone Pals, NIB
32.Junk Drawer Lot, Lot of Various items: Coins, Tokens, Keys, Rings and other miscellaneous items
33.Lot of 3 Wind Instruments: (1) Plastic Slide whistle (1) Wooden Clarinet (1) Wooden Japanese Recorder
34.Lot of 4 Vintage Eyeglass Cases
35.Lot of Miscellaneous Decorative Candlesticks and other Items
36.Lot of Miscellaneous Tools and Wire Brushes
37.Lot of 2 Brass Boat Propellers
38.Lot of Various Vintage Decorative Items
39.Lot of Various Machinist Gauges
40.Vintage Wooden Billy Club Stick 26"l
41.Lot of Various Drafting Tools
42.Lot of Vintage Knives and Knife Sharpener
43.Lot of Antique Architectual Door Hinges
44.Lot of Various Tools
45.Steam Locomotive Themed Pocket Knife
46.Lot of Various Metal Items
47.Lot of Various Decorative Metal Items
48.Lot of Miscellaneous Items
49.Lot of 2 1950s Pin Up Prints Approximately 10" x 17"
50.Vintage Photo Card of Girl Looking in Mirror 3 x5"
51.1908 The Youths Companion Newspaper Early Illustration of Baseball
52.Lot of 6 Ladies Home Journal Advertisements October 1927
53.Lot of Antique Photographs Various Sizes
54.Lot of 12 Prints of Antique Carriages
55.Lot of 5 Frameable Antique Engravings 10" x 12"
56.Lot of 4 Vintage Calendars 1948-1951 Published By The Travelers Hartford Connecticut with Currier and Ives Prints
57.Lot of 4 Vintage Calendars 1952-1955 Published By The Travelers Hartford Connecticut with Currier ans Ives Prints
58.Lot of 5 1950s Sports Magazines
59.Lot of 7 Zorro Marvel Comics
60.Lot of 15 Vintage The Lone Ranger Comic Books (14 by Dell) (1 by Gold Key)
61.Lot of 8 Various Vintage Comic Books
62.Lot of 14 Gospel Song Books
63.Lot of 3 Vintage Army Recruitment Posters 22"x28" (2) Vintage Posterboard Army Reruitment Posters 11"x14"
64.Lot of 4 Antique Postcards
65.Lot of 5 Antique Cincinnati Related Postercards two are Kraemer Art
66.Lot of 4 small Collectible Vintage Mirrors
67.Lot of 3 Antique Advertising Brochures largest size 7 1/2"x9 1/2"
68.Lot of Vintage Slides Various Subject Matter
69.Lot of Miscellaneous Costume jewelry
70.Lot of Various Items: Binoculars, Knife and Military items
71.Lot of (34) 8 Track Tapes by Various Artists
72.Lot of (20) 8 Track Tapes by Various Artists
73.Lot of Miscellaneous items
74.Lot of 12 Paper Paddle Fans Advertising Various Events
75.Set of 15 Pool Balls
76.Lot of 2 Vintage Enid Blyton Storytime Books
77.Lot of 2 Budweiser Holiday Steins 1996 and 1998
78.Country Music Greats Limited Edition 4871/5000 Porter Wagner Figurine
79.Lot of 13 Sets of Playing Cards Miscellaneous Themes
80.Lot of 3 Jigsaw Puzzles
81.Lot 12 Various Board Games
82.Vintage Strombecker Electric Race Track Set Model 9700 Includes:Track and Cars
83.Johnny Lightning Indy 500 Rocket Race Track No Cars Included
84.Large Lot Of Various Toys Includes large amt of Superman
85.Lot of Superman Items: 3 kites, Wax Paper Gum Wrappers, Halmark Ornament
86.Hasbro Amazamatics The Fantastic Car with a Brain 1970 in box
87.Micro Machines Emergency City
88.Lot of 4 Vintage Zorro Black and White Photographs Largest measures 8"x10"
89.Vintage Disney Black and White Photo Featuring Various Disney Personalities 10"x12"
90.Lot of 8 Vintage 1970s Ohio License Plates
91.Lot of 6 Vintage Ohio License Plates
92.Lot of 3 Boxes of Valentines
93.Lot of 4 Sets of Drum Sticks: (1) Ludwig (2) Vater (1) Vic Firth and Carry Case
94.Lot of 19 Hats New Various Colors
95.Lot of Johnny Cash Memorabila
96.Lot of 3 Antique Matted Framed Prints 15"x20" with Mat
97.Large Lot of Kitchen Utensils
98.Set of 2 Antique Enameled Bowls 16" wide
99.Antique Doll Hutch with Plastic Dishes 16" x 24"
100.Box of Vintage Betty Crocker Recipe Cards
101.Lot of (4) McDonalds Disney's Hercules Plastic Collector plates from 1997
Size: 9-1/2" wide
102.Lot of Matchbooks, many from Vintage Cincinnati, several older and some newer.
103.Lot of various Ceramic Decorative Items, Made in Japan, etc. Hawaiian Signed Walrus and more.
104.Vintage 1940's Apple or Fruit Wood Crate
Size: 20" x 12" x 11"
105.Lot of (5) vintage games, Cincinnati Scene, Finance, Stampede, Zorro, and Poker and Bllack Jack
106.Radio Shack "Robie" battery operated Piggy Bank, sold as is.
107.Lot of autographed pictures, Regie Miller, Carmelo Anthony and Mark Preston (record)
108.PEZ Collectibles Elvis Gift Pack, with all three in the package.
109.Lot of Superman Collectibles, Lunch Box, Bubble Bath Container, Super Man Watch Box, without watch.
110.Lot of Lone Ranger Collectibles, Vintage Wallpaper, Miniature Lunchboxes, Movie Ad, more.
111.Large lot of Rocketteer Figures and Collectibles. NOS with tagss
112.Toy Story and Simpson Band-Aid, Each box has the bandids, I am just not sure all of them are in there.
113.Historic Victory Obama Collector Plate, stand and box. Limited Edition
114.NOS Batman Backpack
115.Silver Surfer, NOS toy model kit. Made by Toybiz, still in plastic
116.Tiger Woods, Wheaties Vintage Box of Cereal, still sealed and cereal is still in it, he might be making a comeback
117.Star Wars epsiode 1, Dinnerware Set, all complete with box.
118.Lot of (2) Action Figures NOS, The X Filles and Warriors of Virtue
119.The Lone Ranger Card Game, Still New in the box.,
120.Lot of Star Wars Colgate Toothbrushes with Toothpaste, All the toothbrushes are still sealed,.
121.Lot of (4) Various Zorro Vintage Toys, NOS 1998.
122.Lot of (4) Various Zorro Vintage Toys, NOS 1998.
123.Pair of New Old Stock Batman Auto Sun Sheilds.
124.Lot of (35) DVD, various movies.
125.Lot of Vintage Glass, No one buys clear glass anymore??
126.Vintage Green Jade Color Dentist Sink .
127.Lot of Glass, Ceramic Pipe, Red Globe and more. Vintage
128.1997 NOS Zorro Evil Ramon, packaging still sealed
129.1997 NOS Zorro Chain Mail Zooro Action Figure, still sealed
130.Lot of (2) Zorro Action Figures, Both Classic Zorro, Still Sealed
131.Lot of (3) Zorro Action Figures, Chain Man Zorro, Evil Ramon and Evil Machete
132.Large lot of unused paper table mats, from Arkansas Razorback Pig Skin Predictions.
133.Two Vintage Adult Size Ladies Bikes, Both Look the same, Not sure of the make, they both need work.
134.Lot of (5) Adjustable Height Chairs, cool round chrome bases with casters
135.Electrionic Equipment Case on Casters, use it for anything, top comes unattached to the bottom by latches
Size: 43" x 14" x 35" high
136.Vintage Porter Paints Sign, made of plastic.
Size: 72" x 37" high
137.Lot of (2) Fishing Nets
Size: 59" long the longest
138.George Whiteside Print of a floral photograph, professionally framed and matted
Size: 27-1/2" x 33"
139.Nice Pastel Floral Oil Painting, framed and Signed
Size: 42" x 30"
140.Grey Metal Adjustable Book Shelf.
Size: 36" w x 42" h x 12" deep
141.Off White / Beige Hon Adjustable Book Shelf
Size: 34-1/2" w x 41"h x 12-1/2" d
142.Grey Metal Adjustable Book Shelf.
Size: 36" w x 43" h x 12" deep
143.Grey Metal Adjustable Book Shelf.
Size: 36" w x 43" h x 12" deep
144.Grey Metal Adjustable Book Shelf.
Size: 36" w x 43" h x 12" deep
145.Off White Beige Hon Adjustable Book Shelf
Size: 34-1/2" w x 41"h x 12-1/2" d
146.Lot of (6) nice conemporary burgundy arm chairs
147.Lot of (6) stools
148.Vintage Industrial Mid Century Tanker Metal Desk,
Size: 58" wide x 30" dee x 29-1/2" high
149.Vintage Industrial Mid Century Tanker Metal Desk,
Size: 58" wide x 30" dee x 29-1/2" high
150.Vintage Industrial Mid Century Tanker Metal Desk,
Size: 58" wide x 30" dee x 29-1/2" high
151.Vintage Industrial Mid Century Era Metal Leg, one drawer table
Size: 59" x 30" x 30"
152.Vintage Table with Blue Metal Legs
Size: 48" x 30" x 30"
153.Lateral File Cabinet
154.Oblong Office Table Nice Condition.
Size: 34" x 80" x 30" high
155.Oblong Office Table Nice Condition.
Size: 34" x 80" x 30" high
156.Oblong Office Table Nice Condition.
Size: 34" x 80" x 30" high
157.Oblong Office Table Nice Condition.
Size: 34" x 80" x 30" high