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The Auction Floor
CLOSED - 100'S OF BOOKS, DECORATIVE AND MORE. - Thursday May 17th 2018 9PM

Item Description
1.Lot of (5) Hardcover books including The Horizon Book of Lost Worlds, The Gold of Troy, The Gods of Ancient Egypt, The Age of Renaissance, Vanished Civilizations.
Description 4: Good Condition
2.Pair of Currency Hard Back Books, Early Half Dollars Die Varieties 1794-1836 and The Complete Guide to Liberty Seated Half Dollars , both in great cond.
Description 4: Good Condition
3.Lot of (4) Books, Variety of HCDJ Bakers US Classics, Calligraphy and Illumination, a historical and practical guide., The Secret history of the convict colony and Studies in Medieval Trade and Finance.
Description 4: Good Condition
4.Lot of (7) Books, Variety, HCDJ including Yesterday and Today Egypt, Historical Maps of World War 1, The Coin Atlas, United States Firearms The First Century 1776-1875, Hannibal's War, The Keys of Egypt, Realms of Ritual.
Description 4: Good Condition
5.Lot of (5) Coffee Table Book including The Age of Renaissance, The Dawn of Civilization, Cities of Destiny, The Flowering of the Middle Ages and Gothic and Renaissance Art in Nuremberg, 1300-1550.
Description 3: Good - Toning
6.Lot of New Unused Books and DVD including Temples of Cambodia, Deadly Sisterhood, Machiavelli and DVD - Dark Ages an Age of Light.
Description 3: Excellent
7.Lot of (4) Hardcover Books including Handbook of Watch and Clock Repairs, How to Make Early American and Colonial Furniture, The Complete book of Outdoor Masonry, The Practical Book of Blacksmithing bad Metal Working.
Description 3: Fair Condition
8.Lot of (4) HCDJ Books, Variety, Lost Cities of the ancient world, Uniforms of the German Soldier, The Germanic Hero, The War of the Roses.
Description 3: Good Condition
9.Lot of Large Books HC Books including NEW - History of the third infantry division in WW2, The American Heritage History of Colonial America (sleeve with two books) and Christies Review of the Season 1983.
10.Lot of (4) Antique Stereoviews including Children in the Farmyard, Seesaw with a Barrel and a Ladder, Wash Day, Bedtime, Keystone View Company
11.Fishing in the Brook, Keystone View Company, feature three children fishing, two of them are African American's.
12.Lot of (4) Antique Stereoviews including Playing Tea Party, Blindmans Bluff, Rabbits on the grass, Mother Camel and the baby in the desert. Keystone View Company
13.Lot of (6) Antique Stereoview including interior scenes, Lincoln Memorial, made by Union View Co. Rochester, NY, Littleton View Co. American Scenery, Anthony's Stereoscopic Views No. 4810.
14.Lot of (3) Antique Stereo Views Authors Carnival , several people identified on the back. Buffalo NY.
15.Lot of (3) Antique Stereo Views The Best Series, with Dry Goods Ad on back, Mass. Indian or Mexican Antique with Canceled G Washington Stamp, Tourist Series
16.Lot of (7) Antique Hand painted Magic Lantern Glass Slides. All in great condition
Description 3: 7-1/4" long
17.Lot of (6) Antique Magic Lantern Glass Slides. Great Subject Matters. - Good Condition
Description 3: 6" long
18.Antique Cast Iron Safe, Miniature Toy. Real Deal , 2-3/4" x 3" x 4" high
Description 3: Fair Condition
19.WW2 Leather Ammo Pouch - Has two belt loops and a metal D ring on back for hanging - Comes with Leather belt and rope for hanging - Appears to be unused
20.Lot of Tobacco Bags from Jacob Lambert Cigar Co and Peter Jacobsen 77 Plain Scraps , John Weisert Tobacco Co.
Description 3: Each 4-3/4" x 6-3/4"
21.Lot of (21) Zane Grey Book, Hard Cover , Copyright all different years 1909-1960's Clean Set, No Duplicates
22.Antique 1844 - Pre Civil War Book titled McCullochs Universal Gazetteer Dictionary , Geographical, Statistical and Historical of the various Countries, Places and Principal, Natural Objects in the World. 1844, Published by Harper & Brothers , 82 Cliff Street.
Description 3: Fair Condition
23.Lot of (5) Antique Books including Parrots Journey to Ararat, Financial Economy of the US - 1867, Somerville's Physical Geography, 1848, The Macrocosm and Microcosm of our Universe and the universe within, 1853. Gately's Universal Educator, 1895.
24.Lot of (3) Books, Softcover 3200 Old Time Cuts and Ornaments, Hard Cover Myths of the Middle Ages, and Softcover Collector Guide to Wagner Ware.
25.Lot of (7) Time Life Book Series, The Old West, See Pics for titles. Good Condition
26.Lot of (3) Books, Series, Africa Proconsularis, HC Coffee Book Size. Good Condition
27.Lot of (3) HCDJ Books, Convict Workers, The Gunfighters and Atlas of Medieval Europe.
28.NEW IN PLASTIC - Barrington Atlas of the Greek And Roman World, edited by Richard Talbert, Large Size - 13-1/2" x 18-1/2"
29.Two Sets of (3) Volumes The Complete Poetical Works of Thomas Hood. 1872. GP Putnam
Description 3: VG
30.Lot of 6 Antique Books Including: Here There and Everywhere 1921, Homes of the New World 1853, Encyclopedia Americana 1834, Oliver Cromwell V 2, Selections from Epictetus 1877, and One Summer 1876. Fair condition
31.Prescott's Conquest of Peru Vol 1 1847 Good Condition
32.Dante's Divine Comedy Longfellow Vol 1-3 1871-1875 Very Good Condition
33.The Iliad of Homer Vol 1-2 Bryant 1871-1872 Very Good Condition
34.The Odyssey of Homer Bryant 1871 Very Good Condition
35.American Artists Edition The Complete Works of Mark Twain (20 books) including Mark Twain Autobiography Vol 1 and 2 1924 Good Condition
36.Lot of 18 Vintage Country Records Including; Johnny Paycheck, Freddie Fender, Marty Robbins, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and others
37.Vintage Johnny Walker Badminton Set -Original Box - 4 Racquets with braces to prevent warping - Canister for Shuttlecocks - Unopened pack of Westminster Table Tennis balls and two ping pong paddles
38.Set of 3 Art Books including Matisse, Renoir and Monet 1988-1989 Very Good Condition
39.Set of 5 The American Heritage Pictorial Series Each In Sleeve 1959 Good Condition
40.Set of 7 The Horizon Book Series Each In Sleeve
41.Large lot of Antique Portrait Photographs
42.Shop and Foundry Practice volumes 2 and 4 1901 Good Condition
43.Electric Lighting and Railways 1901 Good Condition
44.History of the United States Vol 2 Pre-Civil War Poor Condition
45.Holy Bible 1836 Comprehensive Commentary Poor Condition
46.Lot of Various WWII Books See Pictures
47.Antique Victorian China Set Including: 7 cups, 6 shallow bowls, 1 teapot with cream and sugar dishes, one serving plate and one serving bowl Fair condition many hairline cracks
48.Antique Sunbeam Steam or Dry Iron with original box
49.The Art of Walt Disney From Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom Harry Abrams 1973 Large Coffee Table Book Good Condition
50.Lot of 6 Table Top Showcase Boxes 12" x 16" Good Condition
51.Lot of 6 Table Top Showcase Boxes 12" x 16" Good Condition
52.Circa 1492 Art in the Age of Exploration 1991 in sleeve, The Last Descendant of AENEAS 1993, and Intellectual Life at the Court of Frederick II Hohenstaufen 1994 all in Great condition
53.Decorative Rooster - Wood textured resin body with metal appendages
Description 3: 9 1/2" tall x 10" longx 4 1/2" wide
54.Antique Cast Iron Bunny Safe. In Great Condition.
Description 3: 4 3/4" tall x 4 1/2" long x 2" wide
55.Cast Iron Embossing Stamp - Pettibone MFG Co. - Cincinnati, OH - Marked Cincinnati Pettibone on the bottom side edge.
Description 3: 4 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 2 1/2"
56.Cedar wood box with metal clasp filled with a large assortment of glass marbles including two shooters
Description 3: 9" x 5" x 3 3/4"
57.Lot of (5) books including The Peloponnesian War c.1974 by The Cardavon Press Inc. Volume 1 & 2 , The Habsburgs c.1971, The Dream King c.1970, The Aerial Atlas of Ancient Crete c.1992
58.Lot (5) Books including World Famous Paintings Edited by Rockwell Kent c.1939 by WM. H. WISE & CO. Printed in U.S.A., History of Art - H.W. Janson, Tenth Printing December, 1966 - Connoisseur Period Guides, The Stuart Period 1603-1714, Printed in Great Britain - Beach Grass by Charles Wendell Townsend c.1923 by Marshall Jones Company printed in September 1923 - 365 Luncheon Dishes c.1902 by George W Jacobs & Co.
59.Lot of (4) books including Cosmos by Carl Sagan 1980 First Edition - Variable Stars by M. Petit c.1987 - Early Astronomy by Hugh Thurston c.1994 - The Cambridge Guide to Astronomical Discovery by William Liller c.1992 - A Manual of advanced celestial photography by Wallis & Provin c.1988 -
60.Collectible Book, Hardback Book entitled "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" Book, 1960, Simon and Schuster Publishers
61.Lot of (5) Hardcover books including "The Transformation of European Politics 1763-1848" 1994, The French Peasantry 1450-1660, 1977, Crusades The Oxford Illustrated History of the Crusades, 1995, Dictionary 1995, Oxford Hachette, French Thumb Index, 1994
62.50 Star Flag 57" x 120" made by Valley Forge Flag Company, VF1
Description 3: 57" x 120"
Description 4: Great Condition
63.Lot of (6) Hardcover Books, including A Treasury of Western Folklore, 1975, The Franco Prussian War and its Hidden Causes. 1970. On Roman Time, 1990, Tudor 1500-1603, The Song of Roladd, 1938, The Oxford Handbook of Greek and Roman Coinage.
64.Lot of (3) Antique Decorative Hand Decorated Bowls, One is marked PT Germany, Largest is 10" wide.
Description 3: 10" wide
Description 4: Great Condition
65.Lot of Vintage Items including an Anchor Hocking W898-G/13-S11 Shallow Milk Glass Bowl and Churchill of England with Original Box.
Description 3: Largest is 13" wide
66.Lot of (8) Hardcover Books including V 1& 2 Walter Scott Ivanhoe, illustrated by Edward Wilson, c. 1951 with sleeve. 1985 Texas by James Mihener, 1972 The Low Countries by Anthony Bailey, 1949The Great Mail - A postal History of New Orleans by Leonard Huber, Abraham Lincoln, Carl Sandburg, 1926, 7th printing, United States Cancellations 1845-1869 - copyright 1980, Das Wrack, copyright 1995, 1941 - Catherine of Arrogon, Hardcover Book,
67.Vintage Decorative Mirror with Townscene on the top portion.
Description 3: 10" x 18"
68.Lot of Vintage and Contemporary Decorative Items, including Ladle, Toureen, Salt and Pepper Shakers, etc.
69.Large Lot of Antique Glasses, Goblets, Shot Glasses, with Gold Gilding on the rim. Great Condition
70.The Norman Rockwell Book, HCDJ large coffee table size, published by Doubleday, 1961 stated first edition, clipped
71.Lot of (6) hardcover books including Homer, poet of the Iliad published by Johns Hopkins, The Tyrants Writ, published by Steiner, EBLA, published by Johns Hopkins, The Phoenicians and the West, published by Cambridge, Lost and Found, published by Viking and Homer and the Orgin of the Greek Alphabet Cambridge.
72.NEW IN PLASTIC - The Mercator Atlas of Europe, Large Coffee Table Book Size, New. Published by Walking Tree with sleeve.
73.Lot of (6) HCDJ Books, including The Discovery of the Greek Bronze Age , Published by Harvard, In Search of the Trojan War, published by BBC, The Glory of the Loire, published by Viking, Tripolitania published by Michigan, Historical Atlas of the Napoleonic Era, LP, Fokker Dr. I Triplane published by Air War Classics.
74.Lot of (6) HCDJ Books including Talismmans & Trojan Horses published by Oxford, Cultural Poetics in Archaic Greece, Cambridge, Literacy and Paideia in Ancient Greece, Oxford, The End of Bronze Age, Drews, Greek Writing Oxford and The Poetics of Colonization, published by Oxford.
75.Lot of (3) Softcover books including Iliad Homer, From Hannibal to Saint Augustine, Carthage A Mosaic of Ancient Tunisia.
76.Lot of Mostly Softcover and Pamphlets of Astronomy Related Items, See Pictures
77.PanzerBlitz, The Game of Armored Warfare on the Eastern Front. 1941-1945. by The Avalon Hill Game Company. 807. Copyright 1970
78.Large grouping of Scientific American Offprints, Mostly Astronomy Related. Published in late 1970s to 1980s. Published by WH Freeman and Co.
79.Basic Electricity, by Bureau of Naval Personnel, Navy Training Course. NAVPERS 10086-A
80.Large Grouping of mostly softcover and hardcover books relating to geography.
81.Set of three books, softcovers including V1,2 and 3, The Foundations of Ohio by Beverley W Bond Jr. The Ohio Historical Society
82.Lot of (9) Softcover and Hardcover Books, relating to Carpenter, Cabinetry and Furniture Building.
83.Lot of (7) Books, variety including Books on Medieval, Neapolitan, Egypt and More.
84.Lot of (6) Books, variety including Storyville New Orleans, Paul Guigou, Calotypes of Egypt, and more..
85.Lot of two vintage pictures including a needlepoint and a reproduction print of a folk painting.
Description 3: Needlepoint is 15" x 12"
86.Antique Set of Books, Including Volume 1 and 2, John of Barneveld, J Lothrop Motley, 1874, Harper and Brothers.
87.Antique Set of Books, Including Volume 1, 2 and 3, The Dutch Republic, J Lothrop Motley, 1859, Harper and Brothers.
88.Display Case with Latches, Measures 16" x 9" x 2" deep
89.1871 Set of Books Prescott's Robertson's Charles The Fifth, Volume 1, 2 and 3, 1871 published by J Lippincott & Co.
90.Lot of (9) HCDJ Books Various Titles Subject : Rome/History
91.Lot of (7) HCDJ Books Various Titles Subject: Rome/History
92.Lot of (8) Various Books Including: Cities of Alexander the Great, Ramses the Great Barbarian Europe and more
93.Lot of (6)Hardcover Zane Grey Books (two with dust jacket)
94.Birchwood Casey Complete Perma Blue Gun Blue Kit (never used-still in original packaging)
95.Lot of (6) Various Books Subjects include: India, Spain, and Mayan Artifacts (5) hardcover (1) Softcover
96.Lot of (10) Books Subject mostly of India and it's history (mostly hardcover)
97.Lot of (5) Hardcover Books Subject mostly of India and it's history
98.Lot of (6) Vintage Hardcover Novels
99.Lot of (6) Egyptian Themed Hardcover Books
100.Lot of (6) Egyptian Themed Books (5) Hardcover and (1) Softcover
101.Lot of (7) Books Subjects include: Roman Empire, Italy and The Ancient World (6) Hardcover (1) Softcover
102.Lot of (8) Books Subjects including: King Arthur, Henry the Eighth, Lost Europe and More (6) Hardcover (2) Softcover
103.Lot of (6) Various Books including: Sir Bartle Frere, Witchcraft, and Crimean War (5) Hardcover (1) Softcover
104.Lot of (4) HCDJ Subjects include: Aviation History and The Battle For Anzio
105.Lot of (6) Books Subject: Natural Science (5) Hardcover (1) Softcover
106.Lot of (4) Hardcover Books Subjects include: Art and Photography
107.Lot of (3) Hardcover Novels
108.Lot of (4) Softcover Bulletins Issued by the United States Government 1920's
109.Lot of (3) Hardcover Yearbooks (2) High school (1) College
110.Sign of The 76 Hardcover Book. Neat Advertising Book of The Union Oil Company of California copyright 1977
111.Revell Partly Assembled 1953 Chris Craft Flying Bridge Cruiser
112.Vintage Sawyers Viewmaster Gift Pak with Various Continental Slides
113.Lot of (7) Hardcover Art Books Featuring Various Cultures
114.Lot of (6) Art Related Books Subjects include: Japanese Wood Block Prints, Native American Art and Gothic Art (5) Hardcover (1) Softcover
115.Lot of (3) Hardcover Books of Various Historical Coins and Currency
116.Lot of (4) Hardcover Books Subjects: Coins and Stamps (2) Unused Stamp Collection Albums
117.Lot of (6) Books Related to Germany
118.Lot of (3) HCDJ Historical Architecture Books
119.Lot of (6) European War Related Books (4) Hardcover (2) Softcover lot of softcover book various subjects
121.Lot of (10) Hardcover and softcover Books of Egyptian Subject Matter
122.Lot of (5) Roman and Greek Hardcover Books
123.Lot of (7) Hardcover and Softcover Germany and Eastern Europe History Books
124.Lot of (6) Hardcover Novel Including The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Vol 1 and 2 and 1945 Illustrated Pride and Prejudice
125.Lot of (6) Medieval Themed Books (5) Softcover (1) Hardcover
126.Set of 1980 Time Life Books.
127.6 Volume set of Frederick the Great, 1864 copyright, Harper and Brothers publishers.
128.Houston's New Physical Geography, 1894, revised edition, published by eldredge & brother. Cover is barely hanging on.
129.Antique Book entitlled "Legends of Venice, with several great engravings, the book does have foxing issues.
130.Lot of (16) Antique School Subject Books, English, Grammer, History and More.
131.HUBLEY #486 Southern Mammy - Aunt Jemima - Cast iron door stop - Two piece construction joined by screw through back to front - Marked 486 on the inside of front piece below joining screw Condition: Appears to be excellent original condition with no noticeable damage or repairs - I have never seen one anywhere close to this condition - Please Preview to see for yourself how amazing this piece really is - There are several on the market currently listed from $500-$900+ that aren’t even close to this one. Dimensions: Approximately 9" Tall x 5 3/4” Wide x 3 1/2” Deep Nationwide Shipping available for $15
132.Pair of Vintage Beam , Old Fitzgeral Bottle with Tags and Original Boxes.
133.Old New Stock, Chalkware Colorful Bird. With Original Box. 6" x 6" excellent condition
134.Old New Stock, Mid Century Vicki , Made in Japan set of salt and pepper, platter, corn butter dishes
135.Vintage Sarouk Wool Rug, 16" x 24" with original labels on the back. Great Condition
136.Babies Divided Dish, with Handles and Fun Illustrations printed inside the bowl. It measures 8" wide
137.Two Vintage Sets of Wearever Pens , Made in USA
138.Lot of Vintage Postcards , These are not glued to the paper, they are sitting in postcard corner mounts. There are over 40 postcards
139.Grouping of vintage dolls, three with stands and two without. With Original Price Tags Most are 16" high
140.Vintage Woven Basket, It has some issues, but looks like a nice decorative item. It measures 15" wide x 10" high
141.The Civil War , Harpers Pictorial History, Coffee Size Table Book. Great Condition
142.Lot of (3) Egyptian Themed Books, Two are still wrapped in plastic.
143.Lot of (9) Zane Grey, Books, Copyright Various years, 1930's and 1940's
144.Set of Books, for Marie Antoinette and the Downfall of Royalty. Four books, Copyright 1891.
145.Set of Three books, subject matter Napoleon's Military Career, Life of Napoleon, Recollections of the Private Life of Napoleon.
146.Volume 1 and 2, Memoirs of the Empress Josephine Vol 1 and Vol 2
147.Nice Indian Woven Basket in great condition, size is 11-1/2" x 9"