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The Auction Floor
ESTATE SALE #19001 (PART 2) - MONROE, OH - Thursday, February 7th, 2019 8:00 PM

Item Description
1.A collectible 1998 Original Electronic FURBY, Model 70-800 in black. Housed in original sealed unopened box.

8" x 6.5".
2.A collectible Disney PIXAR Toy Story 2 Mega Morpher Zurg Module II Action Figure by Matte. New in box.

11.1" x 9.2" x 4.3".
3.A collectible McDonald's 1997 Ty Beanie Babies in original packaging, "Britannia".

4.5" x11" x 2".
4.A collectible McDonald's 1997 Ty Beanie Babies in original packaging, "Erin".

4.5" x11" x 2".
5.A collectible McDonald's 1997 Ty Beanie Babies in original packaging, "Glory".

4.5" x11" x 2".
6.A collectible McDonald's 1997 Ty Beanie Babies in original packaging, "Maple".

4.5" x11" x 2".
7. My Precious-Pets collectible limited edition - Dalmatian Collection. Item no. 50062. New in unopened box.

17" x 12.5" x 2".
8. A mixed grouping of vintage wooden toy blocks. Includes square and round blocks, some are marked with letters.

Blocks vary in size and are housed in a gallon zip lock sized bag.
9. A vintage grouping that includes; a "Crompton's wood box with finger joinery and slide of top; a wood tabletop holder for crackers and a wood knife block with steak knives.

10" x 8" x 5.5".
10. A grouping of Carnival depression era glass pieces. Lot includes a bowl, a double-handled open sugar, and a creamer. Unmarked.

4.5" x 6", measures the bowl.
11. A 1950's "Trimont Ware", made in Japan platter with a turkey image to top. Retains original foil sticker to underside. Chip to top edge.

18" x 13.5".
12. A grouping of three pieces of clear pressed glass. The serving ware group includes a large raised bowl with a sawtooth edge, a ruffled edge compote and a center bowl.

9" x 10" measurement of the large raised bowl.
13. A vintage Fenton Hobnail milk glass pedestal candy dish. Unmarked.

9" x 5.5".
14.A pretty ceramic basket bowl with blue floral images to side and high loop handle. Unmarked.

12" x 8".
15.A vintage group of three "United Dairy Farmers" glass 1/2 gallon size milk bottles and original metal carrier. Tag on carrier is stamped United Dairy 2 Farmers 67

9.5" x 11" x 9".
16. A Mid 20th C. "Lined Lattice" pattern rainbow Marigold Carnival glass vase. This swung vase has nine protruding flame ribs, unmarked, Dugan Glass.

10" x 4".
17.A rainbow marigold carnival glass candy bowl with a Hobstar and Arches pattern.

5.25" x 7".
18.A carnival rainbow glass bowl with foilage pattern. Unmarked.

9" x 3.25"
19. A carnival glass depression era grouping. Lot includes; twelve cups and six berry bowls in Hobnail and Arches pattern.

5" x 2" measurement of bowl.
20. A Diamond Dye general store display cabinet. Wood construction with original advertisment to the front, opening to six shelves behind.

30" x 23" w x 10" d
21. A grouping of three 1940s Guardian Aluminum covered tureens. The durable cookware is made of hammered aluminum with a triangular shape and double-shaped handles. Two of the tureens include a fitted clear glass lid decorated with images of armored helmets and axes. The underside of the pot is marked “Guardian Service”.

11" x 7" x 7". measurement of single tureen. Missing a single glass lid.
See item 57 in this sale for other guardian Aluminum pieces.
22.A pair of hurricane glass lamps in the shape of antique oil lamps. Comprised of clear glass with a red finish and quilted lattice pattern.

Tested and works. 20" x 8.25".
23.A grouping of five small dishes with an iridescent swirl luster pattern

6.25" x 1.25" measurement of a single dish.
24. A milk glass Fenton pedestal single candleholder in Hobnail pattern. Unmarked.

5.5" x 6.5".
25. A Fenton milk glass footed dish in Hobnail pattern. Unmarked.

3.75" x 8".
26. A Fenton milk glass vase in Hobnail pattern. Unmarked.

5.25" x 4".
27. A vintage money purse with rust-colored sequins, having a large gold-tone kiss-lock closure and chain. Unmarked, fully lined.

5.5" x 6.25" x 1.5"
28.A vintage hand-beaded purse. Finished in a blue scroll and floral pattern with black cotton string strap. Unmarked.

6.5" x 9.75" x .5".
29.An assorted group of purses. Lot includes; a 1950s fabric purse by "Garay" with gold-tone round handles, fully lined with zip pockets to interior; a wood bead Japanese purse by "Le Jule" and a Japanese beaded evening purse with silvertone kiss-lock closure.

The 1950s Garay fabric purse needs repair to top side and shows wear to the underside.
8" x 17" x 1.5" measurement of wood bead purse.
7.25" x 5.5" measurement of Japanese beaded evening purse.
30.A grouping of thirteen milk glass goblets all having a grapevine design in relief. Unmarked.

5.5" x 3.5" measurement of a single goblet.
31.A grouping of six glass berry bowls and six saucers. Mold blown glass with an iridescent finish. Unmarked.

3.5" x 4" measurement of dish.
32.A Fenton red ruffled edge vase in Hobnail pattern, Unmarked. Chip on edge of ruffle.

3" x 3.5".
33.A vintage Federal Glass petal iridescent bowl.

8.5" x 2".
34.An original 1996 Tickle Me Elmo plush doll. The Muppet character is from the children's television show Sesame Street, by TYCO toys # 62715. Unopened box.

16" x 8" x 5".
35.A Mid-20th-century grouping of English transferware "Coaching Scenes Blue" by Johnson Brothers. Includes four teacups and five saucers.

Cups measure 3" x 3.5".
36.A Mid-20th-century grouping of English transferware "Coaching Scenes Blue" by Johnson Brothers. Includes sixteen bowls.

Bowls measure 6" x 2".
37.A Mid-20th-century grouping of English transferware "Coaching Scenes Blue" by Johnson Brothers. Includes eight dinner plates.

Plate measures 10" x 1".
38.A Mid-20th-century grouping of English transferware "Coaching Scenes Blue" by Johnson Brothers, includes eight side plates. Lot also includes seven bread and butter in "Hunting Country Blue" pattern.

Bowl measures 8" x 1".
39.A Polish blown art glass trophy vase. A heavy tall vase, clear to blue with an organically shaped lip, inscribed with "Thank you from Robert Lucke & Equity' to side. Retains original clear sticker.

14" x 7" x 5".
40.A Special Edition Happy Holidays collectible Barbie. New in original box. Includes stand.

13.5" x 12" x 4".
41.A vintage Federal Glass petal green bowl.

8.5" x 2
42.A silver-plate dressing table set. Comprised of oval mirrored stand with pierced gallery edge, comb, hand-mirror and brush. Retains "made in China" sticker.

18" x 10" x 1.5".
43.A green glass vase in Hobnail pattern. Unmarked.

5.75" x 6.25".
44.A 1988 Irwin Toys Oopsie Daisy crawling baby blond hair doll, dressed in a pink onesie with a pacifier attached. Untested for crawling, talking and falling.

13" x 15" x 7".
45.A 1985 Cabage Patch Kids Preemie doll. New in box. Coleco Toys.# 3870.

14.5" x11.5" x 9.5". Damage to box.
46.A collectible M&M's Time Capsule Kit, new in box. Chocolate candies to inside. Some damage to box.

11" x 6" x 6".
47.A hand-blown cobalt blue art glass vase, having pinched rim and polished pontil.

8" x 5".
48.An artisan crafted cobalt blue art glass dish with clear blown glass petals to the base. Rough pontil to base.

3.75 x 8.5"
49.An artisan crafted cobalt blue art glass center bowl with stand. Unmarked.

12.75" x 3.25".
50.A green glass covered candy dish in Hobnail pattern. Unmarked.

9" x 6.25".
51. An amber glass covered dish. Unmarked.

6" x 6".
52. A vintage cast iron Salesmen sample/toy stove by Queen.

6" x 6" x 4"
53.A hand-blown cobalt blue water pitcher. Having a pinched ice guard spout, beehive shape and an applied clear ribbed handle. Unmarked.

9.5" x 7.75"
54.A grouping of six cobalt blue wafer stem glasses, hand blown dessert /fruits/sherbert cups or Champagne with polished pontil. Unmarked.

One glass has a glued repair. 4.25"x 3.5".
55.An American Brilliant cut clear glass bowl with Hobnail pattern and sawtooth edge.

10" x 4.25"
56. A British Made Super Aladdin oil lamp converted to electric. Gold tone body and handpainted milk glass hurricane shaped shade.

tested and works
21.25" x 10".
57.A Guardian Service hammered aluminum platter and a large covered tureen. Makers mark to undside.

Platter measures 19" x .5".
See item number 21 in this sale for other Guardian Service items.
58.An oil painting on canvas, rendered in energetic impasto strokes, depicting the French Arc de Triomphe, Paris, signed "Alex" to lower right. Presented in a gilded wood frame with canvas inset.

25" x 29" x 1.5".
59.A 1970-80s three-faced porcelain bisque doll, fashioned after the original doll with three faces "Trudy". The doll is hand painted with three expressions; sad, happy and sleeping. The doll has a porcelain head and hands with a cloth filled body, she is dressed in a white cotton nightgown.

23" x 16" x 4"
60.A heavy brass tone urn shaped table lamp with cotton shade.

Tested and works.
33" x 15".