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The Auction Floor
FLORENCE, KY - Tuesday, May 21st, 2019 8:00PM

Item Description
3.Platform Table
3B Scientific Eucalyptus Platform Table
ΊHeavy-gauge, seamless vinyl upholstery prevents snagging and provides an easy to clean surface
ΊPefect for PT clinics, gyms or home use
Ί<100lbs but very awkward to handle, please bring help and a truck/trailer.
NO shipping options for this item

72.5“ L x 53“W x 20.5“H
New in box
4.Vintage Cabinets w/Speakers
A pair of eclectic vintage cabinets. Dark wood cabinets include funky crackled mirrored sunburst panel adorned with a gilded hanging lamp in red and gold. Velvet curtains on one side (to hide the speakers) and shelving unit on the other side. Includes glass shelving. Very delicate to move, bring help and a large vehicle/trailer.
NO shipping options for this item.

32“ x 17.5“ x 83“
Untested. Bottom compartment on one is missing shelf and backing.
Please contact 859-488-1316 for special pickup day/time
5.Table/Chair Teak
Indoor/outdoor bar table with single chair in teak wood.

Table 27“W x 43“H; Chair 45“H x 22“W x 20“D
7.Thompson Alternating Ammeter
An antique Thomson Alternating Ammeter. Piece has certificate dated Sept. 12, 1909 from General Electric Company.

7.0“W x 7.25“H x 4.5“D
Wires will need repairing. Backing does not attach properly.
8.Neumade Dynamic
A pair of cast iron Neumade Dynamic tape reel contraption with wooden handles. Industrial. Total weight: 17 lbs

7“ x 4“ x 10“
No known conditions
9.Chevron Sign
Vintage self service gas station sign from Chevron in plastic.

32-1/2“ x 23-1/2“
Damage to corner
10.Put Litter in Place Sign
Put Litter in Place metal sign

24“ x 18“
Backside has rust spots
11.Metal Crates (3)
Vintage metal milk crates - stackable - Borden brand - 3 quantity

13“H x 10“ x 10“
12.Crazy Quilt Pillows (2)
Pair of vintage crazy quilt pillows in a mixture of bright fabrics with black backing. Panels have all been embroidered over the edges. See photos for details.

17“ sq x 4“ thick / 21“ sq x 5.5“ thick
Smaller pillow has damaged fabric panels that might be replaced. Larger pillow has loose threads.
13.Crazy Quilt
Crazy quilt/patchwork quilt predominantly in shades of blue. Bright colors, variety of material fabric and designs. Each piece is hand embroidered.

60“ x 76“
Stained on the backside. Some patches are bare.
15.Strombecker Doll Armoire
Strombecker Armoire doll furniture in wood, with shelf and rod for hanging clothes. Strombecker stamp on bottom.

5-1/2“ x 6“ x 10-1/2“
No known conditions
16.Handmade Box
Handmade box of unknown wood with latch and handle, vintage/antique.

6“ x 12-1/2“ x 15-1/2“
No known conditions
17.Smoking Stand
Vintage/antique smoking table in unknown wood with drawer and handle.

29“H x 12“ x 12“
Repaired leg
18.Vintage Sled
A vintage Yankee Clipper wooden sled with metal runners.

52“L x 20-1/2“W
19.Hanging Plant Stand
A metal plant hook that is most likely iron with a half circle design on the top and an ornate designed base. A nice vintage piece perfect for any garden or yard. Has a great patina.

72“H x 13“W (base)
20.Fleischman Optical Display Case
A vintage Fleischman optical display case. This case is blonde wood and the backside has six pull-out drawers with metal pulls. It has a flip-down front panel so the picture displayed can be changed out. It is currently advertising optical glass filters but is empty of product. Weight is over 20 lbs.

21.0“W x 12.0“H x 17.0“D
Wear from age. Missing a pull handle
22.Primitive Handmade Table
Sturdy primitive/antique side table in black gloss paint and cream with pull out drawer. The paint is either old, or meant to look old. The knob on the drawer is crystal-like in appearance

30“H x 25“ x 24“
Scratches / paint marks
23.Vintage Jacquard Wall Tapestry
A vintage jacquard wall tapestry. There are four panels to this piece that have been sewn together, with coordinating colored hand-knotted fringe to the sides. White loops have been sewn to the backside of the top so that a hanging rod can be threaded through. There is also a label on the top left, but the marking is indistinguishable.

152.0“W x 64.0“H x 0.0“D
One of the sides of the khaki panel is not as wide as the rest
24.3x6 Entry Rug
An entry way rug featuring a rectangular form with stepped blue and cream borders and a red interior space. These areas are covered with swirling floral and geometric patterns in red, mustard yellow, light blue, and dark blue. White frills cap the ends.

35.75“W x 0.25“H x 75.0“D
One area of frills appear to have been worn. No visible stains, but it may have been stitched in the past from the underside (see photos).
25.3.5x5 Entry Rug
Another entry rug made in Iran (with label). Main color is a deep red with oxford blue and tan border. The interior has sapphire, moss, tan, and lighter shades of red. Primarily a floral pattern, pile style.

42-1/2“W x 60“L (not counting frill)
The fringe is pretty well worn on both sides. No visible stains.
26.5x7 Area Rug
Cream colored India made rug with crewel embroidery. This 5x7 rug has bold colors including periwinkle/purple, shades of green, red/pink and blue/yellow. Lovely design with the center like a starburst flower.

5΄W x 7΄L
There are a couple of stains. See photos.
27.Outdoor Rug
Psychedelic rug in bold geometric shapes of blue, yellow, black, red, and white. Cleans easily with either water hose or broom.

8“ x 10“
Needs cleaning
28.Coffee Table
Wavy edge glass top coffee table with a handsome brown metal base. Glass top is very heavy. Please bring adequate help to remove this piece.

42“ x 28" x .5"
No known conditions
29.Trestle End Tables
A pair of vintage/antique wooden trestle end tables crafted in oak with reeded double columns supporting table ending on footed base. Includes glass to protect the table tops.

20“ x 20“ x 16“
Vintage with a few knicks/scratches.
32.Tomlinson Coffee Table
Mid-century Tomlinson marble inlay coffee table by Sophisticate/Tomlinson. The table has a modern style with its simple, light wood frame and single, two-pull drawer with dovetailing. Two marble panels swirled with beiges, whites, and grays are inlaid on the top, adding to the flair of the piece. Marked Sophistcate / Tomlinson inside the drawer. Please bring help or expect multiple trips (the marble inlays are quite heavy)

50.0“W x 15.0“H x 19.5“D
Needs refinishing. A leg is loose.
33.Marble Top Accent Table
A unique octagonal accent table with marble top and green flocked base. The table is green flocked (1950΄s) and gold painted trim. The marble top is removable. Please bring adequate help to remove this piece.

24-1/2“W x 18.0“H
Chipped paint along the bottom.
34.Vintage Children΄s Books (17)
1) “Pinocchio“ - Carlo Collodi
2) “Humbert Mister Firkin & The Lord Mayor of London - John Burningham“, 1967
3) “Little Brown Koko“ - Blanche Seal Hunt, 1940
4) “Mr. Chick“ - Lucy Fitch Perkins, 1926
5) “Cherry and the Chum: - Katherine Yates, 1913
6) “Chippy Chipmunk΄s Vacation“ - Adda Mai Sharp/Epsie Young, 1947
7) “The Read-It-Yourself Storybook“
8) “Broad Stripes and Bright Stars“ - Beatrice B. Grover, 1941
35.Waverly Upholstery Fabric
Roll of unused fabricΒ on original roll. Manufactured by F. Schumacher & Co of Richburg SC. “Pandora Evergreen“ seems to be the pattern and the original roll has 20 yards and looks to have retained said 20 yards. Beautiful patterns of brilliant printed colors. 100% Cotton, Scotchgard protected, dry clean only.

57“ Long (20 yards)
Still in original packaging
36.Upholstery Fabric
Blue, green, and chartreuse woven floral upholstery material. Big enough to do several small projects or a medium sized chair

54“ x 62“
Appears new
37.Spice Box
Vintage/antique spice box in wood and leather. Intricately carved lid that slides to the side for contents.

38.Copco Braiser & Saucepan
Enamelware by COPCO and designed by Sam Lebowitz. These pieces were made in Spain and are pinkish in color with brass trim. Three pieces total. Brasier #702 and Saucepan #710 (with lid).

12“W (702) / 14“W (710)
Appears unused
43.Descoware Skyblue Lid
Potentially a Descoware cast enamel skillet with Sky Blue enamel glaze (this lid is just a bit too big for the dutch oven above, but would work and has no visible markings)

44.Corningware Le Romarin
Vintage Corningware collection of Le Romarin. Container jars are of pyrex glass. (2) Le Romarin (2) Le Persil Le Sauge (5) L΄Echalote / 22 pieces

Sizes vary
One pyrex glass top is chipped. Container jar lid doesn΄t fit tight on one of the jars.
45.Henriot Quimper
Henriot Quimper, oil & vinegar cruet, with stoppers.

7-1/2“H x 6-12“W
Appears unused
46.Mushroom Canister Set
A set of Arnels mushroom kitchenware. This seven piece ceramic set are organic toned including greens, yellows, and browns. Featured are a graduated sized set of jars, salt and pepper shakers, and a napkin holder.

18.0“W x 11.0“H x 12.0“D as a group
47.Ditmar Canisters
Ditmar canisters with labels in navy and green accents on cream glazed pottery. This set includes four large Tea, Rice, Coffee and Oatmeal plus two smaller Ginger and Allspice canisters. A maker΄s mark on the bottom reads Ditmar, made In Czechslovakia. 12 pieces.

7“H (largest)
Crazing, chipped in a few areas.
48.Crochendy Crefftau΄r
Crochendy Crefftau΄r Cantref Fine Bone China made in Wales with Welsh Dragon pattern - 2 mugs/plate, 1 cup/saucer, and 1 bread plate that reads “The Red Dragon Should Start” in Welsh - Bold black and red on a white background.

8-1/2“ bread plate
Cup is less bright than the other pieces
49.Crockware Assortment
Vintage assortment of crockware - 2 pieces are doubled and one is tripled. Lids are interchangeable, but they΄re not all accounted for. Comes with spoons/strainers.

Used. Missing tops.
50.Bareuther Waldssen Tea Set
Bareuther, Waldssen Bavaria Germany teapot set in bold, complimentary colors: Teapot #48; Creamer #49; Sugar #39; Saucer #39, Cups #29 (6 cups/saucers)

7“ x 8-1/2“ (Teapot)
Crazing on a few pieces. Yellow cup chipped.
51.Bavarian China
Made in Germany, Bavarian china cruets on platter in ivory and gold trim. #6968 platter/#26 cruets

8“ x 11-1/2“ (Tray); 2-1/2“ x 5-1/2“ (Cruet)
No known conditions
52.Scholarly Owl Cookie Jar
Scholarly owl cookie jar holding an ABC titled book. Marked ΄Japan΄.

12“H x 7-1/2“W
“ABC“ red is wearing down.
53.Roseville Pottery Owl
Roseville Owl with rhinestone eyes, 2nd owl has no markings but they are almost identical.

4“ x 5-1/2“
Slight scratch on the back of one of the owls.
54.Vintage Plaid Travel Gear
Vintage travel garment bag for suits and dresses in red, black and blue plaid; comes with hangers. Compartment for shoes, lined in vinyl, and folds up using brass buttons. / Classic hat box in tartan plaid with zipper. Travel in style! / Also included is the Skotch Kaddy by Hamilton
55.Miscellaneous Tins
Johnson & Johnson First Aid Auto Kit Proctor & Gamble, Butterfinger candy, Morton΄s Salt tin, Vintage Fluted Jello Molds

Jello molds have discoloration
56.Alva Museum Replica Bust
Artist Peggy Mach 1971 Sea Goddess Sculpture - Material: plaster, ceramic, marble. Original sticker “Alva Studios New York, N.Y.“ and felt bottom. Weight 13+ lbs.

Base 3-1/2“ / 9-1/2“ x 16“H
A couple areas have been repaired. See photos.
57.Boy/Girl Bust
A pair of vintage Holland Mold boy and girl busts. They feature naturalistic features with heads at three-quarter view. Each bust is white and rests on a block of polished wood with a dark finish. These are very similar to examples made by Cybis.

5.0“W x 11.5“H x 5.5“D
Minor scratches; split in the wood; tape residue on the bottoms.
58.Seal Bookends
Vintage heavy seal bookends with felt bottom. No markings (similar to Fitz & Floyd)

6“H x 4“W
No known conditions
59.Fish Kristaluxus
Kristaluxus leaded crystal art glass fish figurine. Weight 4.75 lbs

9“ x 5“ x 3.75“
No known conditions
60.Owl Figurine
Austin Productions vintage owl figurine, likely made of bronze. Substantial in weight (3+ lbs). Marked “Austin Productions 1970“ with felt bottom.

No known conditions
61.Tonalo Cat
A Tonala Mexico cat statue. It features a humanoid face with a feline body. The piece has a tan glaze with painted facial and body features. The back also has abstract floral patterns. It is signed “Tonala Mexico“, which is an area famous for pottery.

6.5“W x 10.5“H x 6.0“D
No known conditions
62.Pottery Bird
Folk art pottery from Mexico, handpainted, no markings, brown/red undertones

8-1/2“W x 5“H
No known conditions
63.Brass Candelabras
Two pairs heavy brass candleabras with intricate designs. The larger set is heavier than the other (4 lbs.).

12“ x 12-1/2“ & 7-1/2“ x 11“
A couple of arms need tightening
64.Wall Pocket/Lavabo
Vintage wall mounted lavabo for decoration. Meant to evoke a time when indoor plumbing had not yet been introduced. #340 USA, white with grape motif and gold spigot. Wall pocket is black on cream.

9“ x 6-1/2“ & 9“ x 5“ / 8“ x 8“ pocket
No known conditions
65.Celadon Bowl w/Lid
Vintage celadon green porcelain vase with lid. Etched lotus blossom design with raised lingzhi stalk design to rim. Calligraphy makers mark on bottom.

10“ x 10“
No known conditions
66.Roseville Pottery Columbine
Roseville pottery vase in “Columbine” pattern introduced in 1941. Gradated glaze from matte rose pink to green. Marked “Roseville USA 23-10“. Roseville Pottery was based out of Zanesville, Ohio.

10-1/4“H x 6-1/2“W
One side has chipping/repairs
67.Roseville Pottery Bittersweet
Roseville pottery basket in “Bittersweet” pattern introduced around 1951. Handle and bottom were made to look like wood, colors gradate from pale pink to cream to pink. Marked “Roseville USA 809-8“.

8-1/2“H x 7-1/4“W x 5“D
No chips, cracks, or repairs.
69.Deck Hooks w/Baskets (2)
Two deck hooks and two baskets with a liner. One deck hook is in hunter green, the other black. One basket is in black, the other basket is verdigris green with leaf and scroll design - comes with coco fiber.

35“H (basket #1 -10“W) (basket #2 - 13“W)
Hooks need WD-40
70.Metal Shelving Unit
Gray metal shelving unit - assembled.

61“H x 30-1/2“W
Dent on the top
71.Deck Hooks w/Baskets (2)
Two deck hooks and two baskets both in black, and includes two coco liners.

35“H (baskets 14“W)
Hooks need WD-40
72.Metal Plant Stands (2)
Two metal plant stands that can either be put together for a semi-circle, or in a corner individually. The lighter green was painted and the under color is of the darker green.

29“H x 24“D
An assortment of pots and planters in different sizes and colors. Plant stand separate (#72)

Sizes vary
No chips or cracks
74.Pots/Planters (Terra-cotta)
Terra-cotta pots and planters. Most planters have a bottom. Plant stand separate (#72)

Sizes vary
One is slightly cracked
75.Pots/Planters (Decorative)
An assortment of decorative planters in different shapes and sizes. Plant stand separate (#72)

Sizes vary
One is slightly cracked
76.Candle Holders (3)
Indoor/outdoor candle holders. The tallest is in black with a sun burst design. Medium sized is in verdigris. Tiered set with scrolled ends is in bronze.

70“ Tallest
Tiered set has rust
77.Pots/Planters (Large) (3)
Plastic larger-sized planters. The discoloration from the 2nd planter is because it is wet, it is not actually discolored.

Largest planter is 23“W
Red planter is chipping
78.Plant Stands
An assortment of indoor/outdoor plant stands and a candle holder. From back left to right: white stands are metal with white coating; metal plant stand, aluminum (3 pieces); metal/iron w/plastic terra-cotta pot; metal/iron candle holder. Two smaller stands are metal/iron painted black.

32“H candle holder
Terra-cotta is cracked (plastic)
Grass seed, 100΄s of vegetable seeds, 20% vinegar (x2), Viper insecticide concenrate, plant food, and a wide range of items for those mosquito infested areas. Plus a tomato cage and 100 greenhouses.

48“H tomato cage; 13“ x 31“ greenhouses
Most items are new or unopened.
Two bird houses and three bird feeders. Plastic/metal and wood.

Sizes vary
Dead hornets nest
81.Black Stool (Handmade)
Vintage/antique black painted stepping stool with three steps on both sides.

28“ x 14“ (28“ standing height)
Meant for decoration.
82.Box of napkins, plates, cups, utensils
A generous selection of disposable serving ware for all occasions.

Sizes vary
Some items have been opened.
83.Vintage Metal Scrolls (2)
A pair of iron intricately designed metal work for outdoor use. Originally came attached to wood trellis.

38“W x 25“H
84.Carrom Games
Vintage Carrom board games in their original boxes. One is a foosball style game (1960s) and the other is the classic game board.

29“ x 29“ / 29“ x 12.5“ x 3.5“
Boxes are old
85.Sunflower Print
Vintage sunflower artwork on linen with mustard yellow background and maroon-ish sunflower.

38“ x 51“
Visible stretcher marks and needs cleaning
86.1973 Nero Acrylic
An acrylic painting on canvas with paper embellishments, signed and dated “Nero 73.“ This piece features heavy dripping elements in chalky shades of red and rich yellow, and is collaged with a large piece of found paper bearing what appears to be Latin text. The painting is signed to its lower right and has a wire to its verso for hanging.

61.5“W x 20.0“H x 2.0“D
Light wear to edges and verso; tearing to paper at lower left.
87.Nero Oil Painting
An original oil painting on canvas signed Nero. This Abstract Expressionist inspired composition depicts a non objective linear form that features dripping yellow and blue serpentine properties on the left and a dynamic starburst of red and blue on the right. The work is signed and dated “Nero ΄73“ in the lower right. It is presented unframed, with a hanging wire mounted to the stretcher rails on the verso.

47.5“W x 46.0“H x 2.25“D
Visible stretcher marks; foxing to verso; small tear in canvas near signature.
88.Denon Tape Player
Denon Precision Audio Component / Stereo Cassette Tape Deck DRM-500. Dolby HX Pro, Cassette Playback/Recording, Noise Reduction, Headphone Jack. Made in Japan.

17“ x 5.25“ x 10.5“
Used. Tested.
89.Adcom Preamp/Tuner
Adcom Preamplifier AM/FM Tuner. Audiophile quality 2-channel. Made in Taiwan. Remote included but not shown in photos

3.25“ x 17“ x 12.75“
Used. Tested.
90.Sony Compact Disc Player
Sony 5-disc automatic loading system with high density linear converter. Model CDP-C315. Remote included but not shown in photos. Made in Japan.

17“ x 16“ x 5“
Used. Tested. / Remote control battery back missing
91.Bathroom Glass Rods
Art Deco glass towel bars (x3 quantity) with metal brackets. Also included is a metal towel bar in green and glass shelving (x5 quantity).

2 shelves measure 4“x13.5“ / 3 shelves 4“x13“ 23-1/2“W (clear) / 17.5“W (green)
One of the shelves is chipped.
92.Porcelain Soap and Towel Racks
Mid-century modern porcelain wall mounted soap dish (2 qty) and towel racks (3 qty). Soap dish reads F-160, Biltin, Patented Feb 1917 Sept 1917, The Fairfacts Co Inc. New York

2.5“ x 6 x 5.5“ / 2“ x 2.5“ x 3“
Needs cleaning and porcelain trimmed.
93.Mid Century Bathroom Accessories
Mid Century floral butterflies sky blue vented hamper laundry bin with waste basket and tissue box. Made by Wolfe Products, NY NY USA

25“ x12“ (hamper) / 11“H (can)
Hamper finial is not secure. Stained.
94.Window Boxes/Liners
(6 items) Wood window box in black (5-3/4“ x3 0“ x 10-1/2“). Metal window box in bronze (7“ x 28.5“). Metal oval on legs (7“ x 21.5“). Wooden box (5“ x 12“). With coco liner 36“ trough and 72“ x 72“

Sizes vary
Used and new
96.Candelabra Lamp (Rose/Crystals)
Vintage candelabra table lamp with rose glass and hanging crystals. Includes a box of additional crystals and bulbs. Appears to be a converted lamp.

24“H x 13“W
97.Hanging Lights (2 qty)
Atomic hanging lights in fibrous material (similar to rawhide) with trim. Three-tiered drum pendant shades with original plugs. Lights included. Customized by

31“H x 33“W
Needs cleaning
98.Brass/Cork Swag Lamp
Late century hanging light fixture featuring mod white light bulbs (included). Retro kitchenalia at its finest. Brass and cork panels support 6 lighting units.

36“ Diameter / Over 150“ of chain to hang
2 of the units are loose. Brass has scratched.
99.Blue Glass Lamp
Hand blown glass lamp in gradating colors from sky blue, to clear. Generously sized.

28“H x 11“W
Finial is not original to the lamp.
100.Outdoor Trellis
Metal trellis finished in bronze for climbing plants. Hardened powder coated: fade, chip and crack resistant. “Oakland Living Grape”

29“ x 1“ x 79“
No hardware
102.Broan Ventilation Fan w/light (3)
Broan Ventilation fan w/fluorescent light 679FLT x 3 qty

Outer dimensions 2“ x 10-5/8“ x 11-1/8“
New in box
103.Garden Goodies
Two garden spheres in blue and speckled yellow. Two columns in white with a stone-like finish, but is made of composite. The other stand is glazed stoneware in a rich green. Watering globes in blue and white. Hand painted garden gnomes (box of 3).

White stand/globe 33“H
Large blue globe broken at base (still usable). Watering globe broken at base (usable for decor).
104.Sylvania Osram 100W 120V Lights
Osram halogen lamps with Sylvania label. 120 volts, 100 watt. 6 quantity

6.5“ x 6.5“ x 7.5“ (box)
New in box. Box is dusty.
105.Hardy Boys Books (17)
Nice selection of Hardy Boy books by Franklin W. Dixon, Grosset & Dunlap. Dates vary.

Sizes vary
106.Nancy Drew Books (27)
Substantial selection of Nancy Drew books by Carolyn Keene, Grosset & Dunlap. Dates vary.

Sizes vary
107.Vintage Hardbacks (14)
Collection of books for boys from “Boys΄ Life“, Clair Bee, “Tom Swift“ collection; Grosset & Dunlap and Random House. Dates vary.

Sizes vary
108.Comic Books (14)
An eclectic collection of comic books. DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Walt Disney, Classics Illustrated and Classics Junior to name a few.

Sizes vary
109.Golden Books (11)
Vintage and newer Golden Story Books and Golden Press books. Dates vary.

Sizes vary
110.Rand McNally Books (20)
Rand McNally books in different sizes.

Sizes vary
111.Big Little Book Collections (5)
The Big Little Book Collection: 1) Chester Gump in the City of Gold, 1935, 2) Apple Mary/Dennis Lucky Apples, 1939; 3) Tom & Jerry/Mr. Fingers, 1967; 4) Lassie/Alaska, 1967; 5) Aquaman, 1968

Sizes vary
112.Birdbath/Swan Planter
Bird bath and swan planter both in concrete.
Please bring adequate help to remove these items.

24“ x 26“ x 18H (birdbath)
Needs cleaning
113.Book Cart on Casters
Book cart on casters in tan. This item came from Cincinnati Public Schools. (Books are not included)

13“D x 41“H x 31“W
Needs cleaning
114.V. Burnett Artwork
Framed artwork titled “San Francisco Homes” by V. Burnett in muted colors - ecru, orange, blue and green. Matted in taupe with a wooden frame.

10“ x 11-1/2“
Dirt visible under glass
115.T.H. Lacy Artwork
A hand colored engraving titled Spanish Gentleman-National published by T. H. Lacy of the “Lacy΄s Dramatic Costumes” series. This work is presented behind glass, a single white mat, and a gold tone beveled wooden frame with a red undertone.

10-1/2“ x 14“
Needs cleaning
116.V. Trotter Artwork
A signed limited edition embossing with a few small areas of hand-coloring by an artist named V. Trotter, titled “Peasant Girls”. The print depicts a line of outlined women with hand-colored bonnets in shades of blue and yellow. The print is signed, titled, and numbered 92/100 in graphite to the lower margin. It is double-matted in yellow and blue linen and is presented behind glass in a wooden frame with white pickled finish.

9“ x 11“
No known conditions
117.I. Dergromyes Artwork
Framed artwork “Le Monde Elegant” by Isabelle Dergromyes, 1908 (matches 118). Double matted in green and ecru surrounded by a gold and dark brown beveled frame with an insert.

18-1/2“ x 19-1/2“

Frame is worn
118.A. Aviaro Artwork
Framed artwork “Le Monde Elegant”, 1908, Alice Aviaro, No. 3, 1443 (matches 117). Double matted in green and ecru surrounded by a gold and dark brown beveled frame with an insert.

18-1/2“ x 19-1/2“
Frame is worn
119.Nissan Engel Artwork
“Don Quixote” print by Nissan Engel in wooden frame. This print likely came from the 1950-1960΄s

22“ x 29“
Water damage on backside
120.Tree of Life Artwork
Vintage folk art “Tree of Life” artwork. It΄s either so old, the wording has faded or it was meant to look this way. Colored in pastels with a wood black frame.

22“ x 28“
Frame has damage on one side.
121.Woman in Green Artwork
Artwork that likely came from the magazine “Costume Parisian” featuring a matronly woman wearing a bonnet du matin in pale pink and attire in pastel moss green and slate blue. Artist mark at the bottom. Beveled black gloss frame with gold trim, double matted with gold and cream. The back reads “Devon? Museum - rare“

23-1/2“x19“ (frame) / 12“ x 8“ (artwork)
Scuffs on the frame
122.Arla Alexander Artwork
1970΄s blue on blue pastel under glass signed, Arla Alexander (Kentucky artist). Framed in gold antique finished frame.

21“ x 23“
Scuffs on frame
123.African Mask
West African wooden mask, features a flat hairdo on a concave oval face with squinting eyes, a block nose, and pursed lips. The piece has a dark tan finish on a cream tone under layer, while the headpiece has a dark brown finish. Leather tab for hanging, no markings. Came with Item 124 when purchased.

8“ x 12-1/2“
No known conditions
124.African Mask
Features an elongated oval mask with a raised nasal bridge, recessed, pierced, squinting eyes, and a narrow tongue sticking out from an open mouth. The raised areas are black, while the face is beige with a black under layer. “Handcrafted in Ghana” sticker to the reverse. Leather tab for hanging.

6-1/2“ x 13-1/2“
No known conditions
125.Plant Stand
Vertical plant stand with composite shelves made to look like concrete and sturdy metal. Shelves measure from top to bottom 13-1/2“, 11-1/2“, 10-1/2“, 9-1/2“, 6-1/2“

17“W (base) x 73“H
Top shelf is missing
126.Raw Unfinished Doll Houses (3)
A set of three faw finished doll houses. Each of the doll houses has a pointed roof and plastic windows. There are sectioned rooms to the interior of the houses.

18“W x 23“H x 12.5“D (largest)
Water spots
127.Plant Stands (7)
Indoor/outdoor plant stands in wood, metal, and ceramic. 3 metal plant stands with casters, 1 metal plant stand, 2 asian plant stands in mahogany and black, and one plant stand with planter with a black metal base and intentionally crackled ceramic in off white.

Sizes vary
Ceramic planter has hairline crack
128.Brass Plant Stand
A brass and metal plant stand with a white marble top and claw feet. There is scroll work on metal in varied circular and oval patterns. The lower shelf is all metal.

16“W x 30.5“H x 16“D
Slight rust
129.Whirly-Gigs (3)
Three vintage mid-century hand painted wooden whirly-gigs. The largest is a road runner. There is a pink flamingo and also a yellow flamingo. All three could use a good cleaning, but show great character.

16“W (Road Runner) 15“W (Yellow) 10“ (Pink)
Need cleaning
130.Lawn Statue
Lawn statue of a young girl holding an umbrella. Made of composite material meant to look like dark stone or concrete.

7“ (base) x 23“H
Hole in leg
131.Dark Room Supplies
1) Beseler Enlarger
2) Potoscope F.D. Kees Mfg Co; Model E Display Projector (1930΄s)
3) Kodak Standard Flasholder (in box)
4) Kodak Duaflux Flasholder (in box)
5) Vivitar Polarizing Filter 58mm
6) Anscoflex II box camera/leather case w/flash attachment and instruction booklet
132.Water Soaker/Sprayer
Black flat garden soaker with fluorescent green stripe (approx 25΄), plus a green hose with a Jaclo spray nozzle (great for pets) includes a garden hose adapter and clasp for a leash.

Approx 25΄ and 20΄
Rust on the sprayer but this does not affect functionality
133.Water Hoses/Sprinklers (3)
Two bright yellow water hoses 50΄ each and a commercial duty garden hose at 50΄ in red. Additionally, 3 lawn sprayers - 1 is oscillating the other two rotate 360Ί

Hoses 50΄ each (x3 qty)
No known conditions
134.Coiled Water Hoses (2)
Two coiled water hoses in orange and green that extend up to 25΄ each. Perfect for the back patio, condos, or any area where space is limited.

Up to 25΄
135.Sprinklers (5)/Hydrohose
5 sprinklers + 40΄ Hydrohose in yellow with a green case. From left to right “Do it Best” oscillating sprayer, unknown brand in 360Ί sprayer, ”Do it Best” metal sprayer 360Ί, another 360Ί sprayer and a spike sprayer also at 360Ί

Sizes vary
No known conditions
136.Mole Traps (3)/Misc Yard
Dandelion puller (yellow/black), window squeegee (aluminum/black), 3 qty easy-set mole eliminators, garden weasel head/cultivator (doesn΄t currently turn, but I believe this to be ΄fixable΄), an old Japanese weeder (missing handle), shears/scissors, Earth Way ev-n-speed seeder.

Sizes vary
Dandelion/weed puller needs WD-40. Mole traps are minimally rusted.
137.Outdoor Tea Light Sconce
Circular black metal/iron wall decor that hold tea lights (two additional glass jars included).

138.Outdoor Wall Decor (5)
6 pieces of metal/iron wall decor. From left to right, this leaf piece likely hangs vertically (bronzed), is an octagonal piece (black), circular piece (verdigris), and a pair of wall sconces in black.

35“ (largest)
139.Outdoor Decor (3)
4 pieces that hang. Brightly painted parrot in red, yellow, blue and green (8lbs). World Market sunburst in black. A pair of peacocks in red, green, and yellow.

23“H (parrot)
One of the peacocks is chipped
140.Oak Framed Mirror
An oak wood framed wall mirror. The mirror has a beveled edge. The top of the frame has a decorative crown with leaf scroll. There is a wire in back for hanging the mirror.

31“H x 24“W
Mirror needs to be cleaned. Backing is taped on.
141.Naive Style Painting on Paper
A naive-style painting on paper. This painting is rendered in bright blue, orange, yellow, and black and depicts two men in a horse drawn carriage ascending into the air while a third man standing on the ground reaches out to them. No signatures are visible and the painting is housed in a black frame with a white mat.

46.25“ W x 36.75“ H x 1“ D
Painting buckled to lower right corner; marks to acrylic glass, minor wear to frame